Who are the Geats? People of Sweden, Beowulf
Who are the Danes? The people from Denmark, Beowulf goes to help them
What is Beowulf’s strength? 30 men
What is Naegling? Beowulf’s ancestral sword
Who is the king of the Geats? Higlac, Beowulf’s uncle
Who is Brecca? Beowulf’s childhood friend, swimming contest
Who is Grendel? Monster that terrorizes Herot
What is Herot? The mead hall built by Hrothgar
Who is the king of the Danes? Hrothgar
Who is Hrothgar’s mother? Helfdane
Who is Unferth? Hrothgar’s assistant, Ecglaf’s son
What is Hrunting? Hrothgar’s ancestral sword
Who is Hrothgar’s wife? Welthow
Who helps Beowulf defeat the dragon? Wiglaf, his cousin
How many men does Beowulf bring to fight Grendel? 14
What did Grendel never touch? The kings throne because it was protected by god
Why doesn’t Beowulf use weapons against Grendel? Because Grendel doesn’t use weapons
What does Beowulf hang from the ceiling? Grendels arm
What does Grendels mother take back to her lair? Hrothgar’s best friend and Grendels arm
How does Unferth react to this battle? He trusts Beowulf and gives him Hrunting
How many men does Beowulf bring to Grendels lair? 13
Does Beowulf fight without protection against mother? No because mother uses a dagger
How is Hrunting faulty? It doesn’t work against Grendels mother
What does Beowulf do in response to Hrunting? Take a giants sword and cut off mothers head
What does Beowulf bring home? Hrunting, the hilt of the giants sword and Grendels head
How long was Beowulf gone? 3 days
Who takes the throne after Higlac? Heardred and eventually Beowulf
How many men does Beowulf bring to fight the dragon? 11
What sword does he bring? Naegling
Who stays with Beowulf and ultimately defeats the dragon? Wiglaf
Whom does Beowulf want to have the dragons treasure? The Geats

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