What is beowulfs name A kenning beo-bee wulf- wolf
What us a kenning Poetic renamint of a noun
What lit term is Beowulf Epic poem
What’s its significance First Greek work
What is wrong The author is unknown
Who is Grendel a descendent from Cain
Why does Grendel attack Herot He is mad that they are being loud and obnoxious
How many men does Grendel kill in his first attack 30
How long does Grendel’s reign of terror last 12 winters
Why does Grendel nor kill king Hrothgar Because he is protected by God
Who is Beowulf and who does he follow The strongest of the geats and follows higlac
Why does Beowulf sail to Hrothgar’s aid To help them since they are in need and to achieve lof
How many men does Beowulf bring with him from geats and to the Danish kingdom 14
Who is the first person Beowulf and his warriors encounter when they land on the Danish shore and what does he notice about the geats appearance It’s a Danish watcher and he notices their nice armor
Who is beowulfs father Edgetho
When Grendel realizes he has finally met his match what is the one thing he wants to do Run and hide in the marsh from Beowulf
What body part does Beowulf clutch in just fists His claw
What is the only thing that can destroy Herot Fire
Why are beowulfs followers swords against Grendel and what did Grendel do He bewitched their weapons and cast a spell on their swords
How does Beowulf kill Grendel Rips off his arm with his bare hands
What evidence does Beowulf possess of victory over Grendel His claw
What plot event occurs after beowulfs victory over Grendel Grendel’s mother kills Hrothgar’s closest friend and takes Grendel’s claw
Who is narrating in this passage Hrothgar
What are the three things that Beowulf requests before diving into the lake To shelter his men, give higlac his weapons, and unferth have hrunting back
How long doe Beowulf swim until he reaches the bottom Hours
Who does Beowulf meet at the bottom and where is he taken Grendel’s mother is who he meets and she takes him to her cave
What is beowulfs wearing when he dives into the lake and swims His armor
What does Beowulf try to use to kill Grendel’s mother His sword called hrunting
What weapon does Grendel’s mother attempt to use against Beowulf A dagger and beowulfs armor saves him
What does Beowulf use to kill Grendel’s mother He stabs her in the neck with a sword that is magical and made by Giants
After he kills Grendel’s mom what does he do He cuts off Grendel’s hear because Grendel was the one who terrorized Herot
Who are the only people to stay behind The geats
What are the two things Beowulf returns with Grendel’s head and the hilt of the Giants sword which is jeweled because the blade melted in Grendel’s blood
How many people does it take to carry his head 4
Hat does Beowulf so when he returns to Herot Gives Hrothgar the head
How many years does Beowulf rule great land 50
What monster is terrorizing beat land A Dragon
How does Beowulf plan to fight the dragon With his armor and weapons
What does Beowulf want of the dragons The treasure and gold
What happens to beowulfs shield It melted
What happens to beowulfs sword It breaks
Who stays to help Beowulf defeat the dragon Wiglaf and he has his ancestors armor and it was never worn until now
What inspires wiglaf to aid Beowulf in battle He would rather die and see flames swirling around his lord, and he wants to repay him
What does Beowulf send wiglaf to do

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