What are the five elements of an Epic? epic hero, quest, valorous deeds, divine intervention, great events
Epic hero the main character in thte epic that is larger than life. typically high born who uses courage skill and virtue against the opposing force.
Quest A long and dangerous journey undertaken by the epic hero. Its an opportunity to prove his heroism and win honor and undying renown
Valourous deeds actions that demonstrate the hero’s courage strength or virtue and make up most of the action narrative
Divine Intervention the hero receives help from a god or another supernatural force who takes interest in his quest.
Great Events Important events in history or mythology of a nation or culture often provided the backdrop for the epic narrative
What are the two types of epics? Folk and Literary
What type of epic is Beowulf? Folk Epic
What is an example of a literary epic? Illiad and the Odyssey
What does in media res mean in the middle of things (the plot begins in the middle)
What are the conventions that most epics share? have a serious tone, lofty in style, long speeches, begin in media res, begin by stating the subject or purpose followed by an invocation of a muse or supernatural force who would help tell the story
What does Beowulf’s name mean bearwolf
How does his name clue to Beowulf’s extraordinary character? it doesnt begin exactly with his dad’s name (edgetho)
How do we know the Beowulf is not a pagan poem there are no pagan gods no ideals or human sacrafices. There are many allusions to the Bible and God
What is the Setting of Beowulf Its In Helot in the middle ages
What is significant of Grendel desended from Cain he was once a human and it references the bible
Why does Grendel attack Helot It douesnt really mateer but they woke him from his sleep and his lust to kill takes over
What had herot symbolized before the coming of Grendel and After In the beginning it was a symbol of community, saftey and protection. After its the complete opposite
How does the length of suffering increase the felling of the epic Because no one can defeat the monster, it is seen as a greater prize because its so hard to kill.

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