What is an epic poem? What are some examples and defining elements? Long, narrative poem-usually about heroic deeds and events that are significant to the culture
How do we know Beowulf is an honorable man? He is willing to risk his life in order to earn fame by killing Grendel
What weapon does Beowulf use to kill Grendel? His hands
To what does the poet give credit for Beowulf’s victory over Grendel’s mother? God’s judgment
What is the theme of Beowulf? Good always triumphs in the end
How can you tell that Beowulf is a legendary hero? He is larger than life and is remembered in tales from long ago
What does the poet mean in this line from Beowulf? “The monster’s thoughts were as his greed and his claws..” The monster thinks very quickly
Why does Beowulf come to see Hrothgar? He wants to help him by killing Grendel
Read the following quotation. What is the best paraphrase for the underlined part of the quotation? “Their courage was great but all wasted: they could hack at Grendel from every side, TRYING TO OPEN A PATH FOR HIS EVIL SOUL, but their point could not hurt him…” Attempting to kill him
Why does Beowulf want a tower built for himself? To remind people of his life and famous deeds
Which words best describes the reason that Beowulf hangs Grendel’s arm from Hrothgar’s mead-hall? Reparation
How do you know that Beowulf is an epic poem? It is a long poem that tells a story about a legendary hero
Why does Wiglaf tell his comrades they should help Beowulf fight the dragon? They promised Beowulf they would help if needed
What does it mean when Beowulf gives Wiglaf his gold necklace? Beowulf is making Wiglaf the ruler of geatland
In which situation might someone LAMENT? When someone one dies
Lament Mourn(a passionate expression of grief or sorrow)
Affliction Something that causes pain or suffering
Gorge A narrow valley between hills or mountains
Infamous Well known for some bad quality or deed
Lair Secret of private for a person who seeks secludment
Livid Furiously angry
Loathsome Causing hatred or disgust
Purge Mass killing
Talon A claw

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