Beowulf: 1-10

Describe Herot Described as “the foremost of halls under heaven.”; very spacious and beautiful and symbolizes human civilization, culture, joy, etc.; castle built by Hrothgar
Describe Grendel’s lair. How does it compare to Herot? Grendel- small, dark, filled with monsters; Herot- nice, pretty, pleasant place to be, built to celebrate the prosperity of Hrothgar’s reign
What is the significance of Grendel being descended from Cain? Banished by God because he killed his brother.
Why does Grendel attack Herot? Bothered by the celebratory mood that takes place in the meet hall; powerful monster, always in pain; his life has been cursed adn doomed from the start. Snatched a total of 30 men.
Why isi Hrothgar’s lieutenant concerned about the arrival of Beowuld and his men? Before- victory, successs, prosperity; After- sadness, grief, sorrow, helplessness.
Why is Hrothfgar’s lieutenant concerned about the arrival of Beowuld and his men? Protects the coast from pirates and raiders; he just wants to know why Beowuld and his men are there and makign sure they are only there for their intentions.
How does the lieutenant recognize Beowulf as a hero? Gives Beowulf his sword; offers his trust; offers to have their ship guarded.
Why does Unferth bring up Beowulf’s swimming match with Brecca? How does Beowulf respond? Trying to make Beowulf seem like less of a hero adn not get all the credit; Beowulf talks about the monsters he defeated.
What is Welthow’s role in Herot? What does the narrator praise her for? Noble woman who knew what was right; wife of Hrothgar; peacemaker; Hrothgar accuses Unferth of murdering his brothers
What is the significance of Hrothgar’s speech in lines 655-661? Trustign Herot to take care of the land and asking him to make this the best that he can and keep it free of evil and fight with glory from the heart.
What is Beowulf’s thoghts as he waits for Grendel’s arrival? Prepared for victory and glory and not afraid to die; letting God decide his fate; Beowulf has vowed to use his bare hands in teh battle (very determined to get rid of the monster named Grendel)

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