Beatrice: much ado about nothing

“It is a wonder you are still talking Signore Benedick, nobody marks you.” Act 1, Scene 1 Shows how Witty she is, she is telling Benedick to shut up because no body is listening. Damaging his honour
“I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow, than a man swear he loves me.” Act 1, Scene 1 Beatrice shows her distaste for marriage and love even though she is a woman and marriage would be expected of her. “Crow” is death symbolism which shows she would rather be dead than in love.
“I have a good eye, uncle. I can see a church by daylight.” Act 2, Scene 1 She will not be tricked into getting married
“Adams sons are my brethren.” Act 2,Scene 3 Beatrice shows she believes her and men are on an equal level, and that all men are created equal by god. Religious context: men believe that men are superior because Adam was created first
“I will requite thee, taming my wild heart to thy loving hand” After trickery, Beatrice’s accepts her feelings for Benedick and decides she is in love with him. This all of a sudden discovery could be seen as artificial.
“O God that I were a man. I would eat his heart in the market place” Act 4, Scene 3 Shows Beatrice’s spite and anger towards Claudio. Proves she is aggressive and the opposite of her cousin who she wishes to defend. She feels Claudio deserves to be publicly shamed.
“Kill Claudio” After Hero’s reputation is ruined Beatrice decides killing Claudio is the only just solution to fix her reputation.