Background of Shakespeare and the Historical Julius Caesar

Where did Julius Caesar lead his army? Julius Caesar lead his army across the Rubicon River in Northern Italy and plunged the Roman Republic into civil war
What happened when they wounded Julius Caesar? Everyone wanted to seem to have had some part in the murder, and there was not one of them who failed to strike his body as it lay there, until, wounded thirty-five times, he breathed his last
Where was he named governor of? Named governor of Gaul
What were Caesar’s positive qualities or characterisitcs? Unbridled political ambition, unsurpassed oratory skills,outstanding military skill.He was a very caring person, he was able to sway others by his will. He was an accomplished writer who advertised his own achievements. He was a lady’s man. He was also a very intelligent military leader. He was extremely nice in the care of his person. Great leader.
What were Caesar’s negative qualities or characteristics? Not good at following orders; He also has a continual effort to adorn himself with the trappings of power, which turned many in the Senate against him. He was controlling, and he had to be in charge all the time.
Who supported Caesar? -Calpurnia, his wife-His friends, his doctors, and his wife, Calpurnia. -His friends tried to stop him from going because they’ve heard rumors going around. -The doctors had noticed that Caesar was suffering from one of his occasional dizzy spells. -His wife was frightened by some visions in her dreams.
Who was against Caesar? -Many in the Senate were against him, and had sixty members of the Senate conclude that the only resolution to the problem was to assassinate Caesar.-Brutus had convinced Caesar to go to the Senate
How does history portray Caesar? He was a great military leader
How did Caesar justify his actions? He became dictator and there was a ceremony for Caesar to crown him king. His bodyguard Marc Anthony had the crown and placed it on his head but Julius refused. He did that because Rome was just a Republic during the time and no one really wanted to have a king.`
Why it was controversial for Shakespeare to write Julius Caesar during that time -In 1599, when Shakespeare wrote this play, England was facing the same questions about how the country should be ruled-Queen Elizabeth I, 66 years old, had no heirs, and people were worried about the future of their country and arguing about monarchy vs. democracy-Due to censorship, people weren’t allow to publicly debate such matters, but that didn’t stop Shakespeare from weighing in with his opinion

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