Assassination of Julius Caesar

Brutus and other senators Who was behind the assassination of Julius Caesar
44 BCE What year was he assassinated
unchecked power, or too much power for Caesar What were the people behind the assassination opposing?
Pompey Who did Caesar defeat in a civil war
Giving lands to the poor, winning many wars What move made Caesar popular among the people?
Julius – July What month was originally named after Caesar?
Dictator Perpetuo What is the term for a dictator for life?
The government would turn back into a Monarchy. What did the senators fear would happen with Caesar as dictator
His son What did Caesar see Brutus as?
He covered his face and died What happened when Caesar saw Brutus during his assassination
23 times How many times was he stabbed?
A series of civil wars What did the power vacuum after Caesar’s death lead to
The end of the Republic government and the start of a Empire Ironically what was the ultimate result of Caesar’s death

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