As you like it test

Why does Orlando resent the way he has been treated by his brother Oliver. Oliver took care of himself and Jaques but he didnt take care of Orlando.
How does Charles describe the exiled Duke Senior and his court? They are living like Robin Hood.
Why does Duke Frederick allow the daughter of his banished brother to remain at court? He lets Rosalind stay because Celia, his daughter are best friends.
What plot does Oliver hatch against Orlando? He is going to let Charles the wrestler kill him.
Why is Orlando warned not to wrestle with Charles? Charles will kill him
What gift does Rosalind give to Orlando after he wins his wrestling match? Her necklace
What warning does Le Beau bring to Orlando after the match? Orlando better go because the Duke doesnt like him
What are the reasons Duke Frederick gives for banishing Rosalind? Since Rosalind is the banished dukes daughter Duke Frederick thinks that he will make his brother mad
Why do Rosalind and Celia disguise themselves when they leave the court? They dont want to look like wealthy women that are traveling alone
Which two characters express sorrow about the killing of deer in the Forest of Arden? Jaques and Duke Senior
Who is the source of the rumor that Orlando may be in the company of Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone? Hisperia
Why does Adam urge Orlando to avoid his brothers house? Oliver will burn the house down.
Why does Orlando initially refuse to leave? He has nothing
Which three items of property does Rosalind agree to purchase from Corins employer? cottage, field, and sheep
Why does Orlando leave Adam in the forest? Orlando went to get food for him because he was getting weaker and weaker
Which character from the court does Jaques tell Duke Senior he met in the forest? Touchstone
What reasons does Orlando give for confronting Duke Senior and his courtiers with his sword drawn? Orlando thought they were going to give them food
How does Duke Senior know that Orlando is the son of his former friend and ally, the late Sit Rowland de Boys? He looks like his dad
What penalty will Oliver face if he fails to find Orlando within a year? He will be banished
What does Orlando do with the love poems he has written to Rosalind? He hangs them on a tree in the forest
Where does Celia tell Rosalind she saw Orlando? Under the tree
Where does Orlando tell Jaques he can find a fool? In the reflection of the water
What names do Jaques and Orlando call each other when they part? Jaques- Melacholy, Orlando- Signor love
What excuse does Rosalind make when Orlando comments that her accent seems ¨ something finer¨ than one might expect of a native of the forest? She told him that her uncle taught her everything
Why does Touchstone prefer to be married by Sir Oliver Martext rather than ¨ a good priest?¨ So it will be easier to leave Audrey
What did Ganymede tell Duke Senior when the Duke asked about her parentage? Someone as good as he
How do we know that Pheobe has fallen in love with Rosalind in her Ganymede disguise? She would still like to hear him complain about her than Silvius woo her
What message does Pheobe plan to deliver to Ganymede and who will deliver it? A ¨ hate message¨ Silvuis delivers it
What is Rosalinds response when Orlando fears ¨her frown might kill¨ him? People die, but not for people
Who performs the mock wedding ceremony between Rosalind and Orlando? Celia
How lond does Orlando say he will be gone before he returns to Rosalind? two hours
What excuse does Orlando give for leaving? dinner with the duke
What question does Jaques ask the Lords he meet in the forest? Who killed the deer?
What did Orlando ask Oliver to bring to Ganymede? the bloody cloth
Which two animals threatened Oliver while slept beneath a tree? a lioness and a snake
What wound did Orlando receive while defending his brother? flesh wound
What is Rosalinds response when she hears that Orlando has been injured? She faints because she thought he was dead
Where does Rosalind say she wound like to be after she recovers? home
How old is William? 25
What does Touchstone threaten to do if William does not relinquish his claim to Audrey? He threatens to kill him
Who does Oliver fall in love with? Celia
When does Oliver plan to be married? the next day
When does Touchstone tell Audrey they will be married? the next day
Who delivers the new of Duke Fredericks conversion? Brother Jaques de Boys
Who was responsible for Duke Fredericks sudden change of heart? Religious man
Who does Duke Senior name as heir to his newly restored dukedom? Orlando
What reason does Jaques give for departing the wedding festivities? Dancing measures
Who speaks the epilogue of the play? Rosalind