As You Like It

Rosalind The daughter of Duke Senior and Celia’s cousin. Likes Orlando
Celia The daughter of Duke Frederick and Rosalind’s dearest friend. She is devoted to Rosalind.
Orlando The youngest son of Sir Rowland de Bois and younger brother of Oliver. His brother tries to deprive him of an education. Is victorious in a battle with Charles. He cares for Adam in the Forest of Ardenne and later risks his life to save Oliver from a hungry lioness.
Duke Senior Rosalind’s father and the rightful ruler, but is banished by Frederick. Lives in the forest of Ardenne with loyal men, Lord Amiens and Jaques. Claims that he learns more from nature than from the church or city library.
Jaques Lord who accompanies Duke Senior in the Forest of Ardenne. A of a stock figure. He stands on the sidelines, watching and judging the actions of the other characters without ever fully participating. He refuses to follow Duke Senior and the other courtiers back to court, and instead resolves to assume a solitary and contemplative life in a monastery.
Duke Frederick Duke Senior’s brother who takes over his throne. Celia’s dad who banishes niece Rosalind without reason. Mounts an army against his brother, but changes his mind when he meets a religious man in the forest. He then hands back the crown, changes his ways, and dedicates himself to a monastery.
Touchstone A clown in Duke Frederick’s court who accompanies Rosalind and Celia in their flight to Ardenne. Although Touchstone’s job, as fool, is to criticize the behavior and point out the folly of those around him, Touchstone fails to do so with even a fraction of Rosalind’s grace. Next to his mistress, the clown seems hopelessly vulgar and narrow-minded. Almost every line he speaks echoes with bawdy innuendo.
Oliver Sir Rowland’s oldest son who inherited the de Bois estate. He keeps his brother, Orlando, from a gentleman’s education.
Silvius A young, suffering shepherd, desperately in love with Phoebe. He prostrates himself before Phoebe who refuses to return his affections. In the end, however, he wins the object of his desire.
Phoebe A young shepherdess, who disdains the affections of Silvius. She falls in love with Ganymede, who is really Rosalind in disguise, but Rosalind tricks Phoebe into marrying Silvius.
Lord Amiens A faithful lord who accompanies Duke Senior into exile in the Forest of Ardenne. Happy and loves to sing.
Charles A professional wrestler in Duke Frederick’s court. Asks Oliver to intercede in his upcoming fight with Orlando: he does not want to injure the young man and thereby lose favor among the nobles who support him. Charles’s concern for Orlando proves unwarranted when Orlando beats him senseless.
Adam The elderly former servant of Sir Rowland de Bois. Witnessed Orlando’s hardships, and accompanies him into exile and funds their journey with his life’s savings. He is a model of loyalty and devoted service.
Sir Rowland de Bois The father of Oliver and Orlando, friend of Duke Senior, and enemy of Duke Frederick. The vast majority of his estate was handed over to Oliver after his death according to the custom of primogeniture.
Corin A shepherd who attempts to counsel his friend Silvius in the ways of love, but Silvius refuses to listen.
Audrey A simpleminded goatherd who agrees to marry Touchstone.
William A young country boy who is in love with Audrey.
Who is Sir Rowland de Bois youngest son? Orlando
Who usurped Duke Senior’s position at court? Duke Francis
Who is Duke Senior’s daughter? Rosalind
According to Charles, who plans to disguise himself and enter a wrestling match at the royal court? Orlando
Upon his father’s death, how much was Orlando bequeathed? 1,000 crowns
What does Celia promise Rosalind she will do upon Duke Frederick’s death? Give Rosalind the throne
When Orlando and Charles wrestle at the royal court, which man wins? Orlando
After the wrestling match, Orlando becomes smitten with ___. Rosalind
Immediately following the wrestling match, what does Duke Frederick do that greatly upsets Celia? Banishes Rosalind
When getting ready to flee the court, what does Rosalind disguise herself as? a man, Ganymede
According to Duke Senior, which is not provided for him by the woods? love
According to Jaques, why is Duke Senior a usurper of the Forest of Ardenne? he hunts the animals
After Celia and Rosalind go missing, whom does Duke Frederick send to find them? Oliver
What does Oliver plan to do when Orlando returns home from the wrestling match? Burn where Orlando sleeps
When they arrive in the Forest of Ardenne, where do Rosalind and Celia stay? Corin’s master’s holdings
When they arrive in the Forest of Ardenne, why does Orlando leave Adam? Adam needs food
When Jaques returns happily to Duke Senior’s camp, what does he say he would like to do? Be a fool
When Orlando bursts into Duke Senior’s camp with his sword drawn, what does Duke Senior do? Offers Orlando food
Which character proclaims: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”? Jaques
At the beginning of Act II, scene v, who is singing a song? Amiens
Sir Oliver Martext vicar from nearby village who marries Audrey and Touchstone
What does Sir Oliver insist upon marrying Audrey and Touchstone> someone must give Audrey away to make it lawful
What does Jacques have to say about the wedding? it should be done in a church
What does Rosalind (Ganymede) compare Orlando’s hair to when he doesn’t show up for their morning appointment? Judas’s hair
What does Silvius plan to do to win over Phoebe? woo and win Phoebe by confessing his love for her
How does Celia help Rosalind in giving Orlando love lessons? she pretends to be a priest and marries them
Where does Orlando want to go when he asks Rosalind to leave her teaching? to dine with Duke Senior
What animal does Duke Senior’s followers and Jaques kill? a deer
What do they plan to do with the deer after killing it? set its horns on the hunter’s head as a crown of victory
In Act IV, scene i, what about Jaques does Rosalind/Ganymede criticize? his melancholy
Rosalind says Orlando’s love is worse than that of which animal? snail
After Orlando leaves, what does Celia berate Rosalind for characterizing so badly? the female sex
In the song after the deer is killed, what do the singers proclaim is timeless and borne by all men? cuckoldry
According to Rosalind, what has never caused a man to die in the entire history of the world? love
When Oliver reports to Duke Frederick that he has been unable to find Orlando, what does Duke Frederick do? Seizes all of Oliver’s lands
At the beginning of Act III, scene ii, Orlando professes his love for Rosalind by ___. hanging poems about her on trees
According to Jaques, what flaw does Orlando have that is the worst possible fault? sentimental love
Dressed as Ganymede, Rosalind promises to help Orlando with ___. curing him of love
In return for Ganymede’s assistance in curing Orlando of love, what does Orlando need to do? pretend Ganymede is Rosalind
Upon his introduction in Act II, scene i, Duke Senior gathers his loyal followers in the Forest of Ardenne for what purpose? to hunt deer
How does Duke Frederick plan to find Celia and Rosalind after their departure from court? He will recruit Oliver to help find Orlando, whom he suspects has teamed up with the women
On what topic does Corin attempt to council the young shepherd, Silvius? love
How much time does Duke Frederick allow Oliver to find Orlando? 1 year
Why does Rosalind doubt that Orlando is in love love is a madness and he doesn’t look like a madman
What does Silvius say of Phoebe’s eyes? They are so scornful that they will murder him.
Why does Rosalind believe that Phoebe should feel lucky? A man like Silvius loves her, despite her lack of beauty.
How does Phoebe respond to Ganymede’s harsh criticism of her? she writes him a love letter that is delivered by Silvius
Who does Orlando save from the attack of a lion? his brother, Oliver
What does Rosalind do after learning of Orlando’s injury? she faints
Which inhabitant of the forest and admirer of Audrey does Touchstone rudely dismiss? William
Who does Oliver fall in love with? Aliena (Celia)
To what does Rosalind compare the declarations of love from Orlando, Silvius, and Phoebe? the howling of Irish wolves
Who decides not to return to court? Jaques
Why does Duke Frederick abandon his plan to mount an army and attack Duke Senior? He meets a religious man on his way to the forest who converts him to a peaceful life.
what prompts Oliver to change himself into a better, more loving person? being rescued by his brother from a lion

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