Archetypes in Beowulf

Explain how the archetype, the quest, is in Beowulf. Throughout the book of “Beowulf”, Beowulf is looking for glory. He fought three different times for it.
Explain the archetype; Good VS Evil. This archetype is a situational archetype between Beowulf and the three different monsters. He had to fight these monsters so that his soldiers would win.
How is the archetype, hell, related to in the Beowulf novel, especially in the second battle? Hell is portrayed as Grendel’s and Grendel’s Mother’s Lair. Monsters live down in this depth of the world and only certain people can come out alive.
Yet another archetype in “Beowulf” is the Outcast. Grendel’s horrific terror on Denmark is because he was not welcome into the parties.
Finially, explain how Grendel is the scapegoat of his community. Grendel’s death results in an even more horrific scene where his mother attacks the villagers to make revenge against them. Grendel is this because his death results in an even more tragedy for the community.

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