Archetypes for the Lord of the Flies

The hero the one who saves the day; runs the show
The outcast has been kicked out of society or has left voluntarily, sometimes the “Christ” figure
The scapegoat the one blamed for everything, regardless of whether he or she is actually at fault
The trickster the cunning, clever, and dangerous character
The mother taking care of, looking after others before self
The father the authority figure, brings home the bacon
The shadow the dark side, but is neither good nor evil, represents our animal side, our “savage” nature
The persona the mask one puts on in front of other people, the hidden person comes through in the glimpses
The task a character or group of characters is driven to complete some duty of monstrous proportions (Frodo in LOTR)
The quest the character searches for something, whether consciously or unconsciously, their thoughts, actions, feelings center around this goal
The loss of innocence by violence, sexual experience, or any other means
The initiation the process by which a character is brought into another sphere of influence, usually adulthood
Water a symbol of life, cleansing and rebirth. Depicting as a living, reasoning force
The hero Ralph
The outcast Simon
The scapegoat/mother Piggy
The father/trickster Jack
The shadow Roger/LOTF
The persona painted faces
The task Simon climbing the mountain, finds the body
The quest signal fire, rescue
The loss of innocence killing of Piggy (no denying it, now on a manhunt for Ralph)
The initiation Ralph’s first hunt/ “the dance”
Water Simon’s resurrection; washing away of piggy’s body; rain while Simon is killed, means of rescue, Jack vs Ralph…conflict is washed away in dip (water brings them together)

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