Aquinas, Aristotle, and Engels

The tenth step in the Communist Manifesto gives government control of education. true
What work was attributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas? Summa Theologica
Friedrich Engels, though from a well-to-do family, established himself as a revolutionary
Human thought and lifestyle within a certain time period or place is known as a culture
The strange thing about Engels’ writings is that although they spoke of the uprising of the common worker, his writings were used by some of the most governments in this century. oppressive
The study of God’s truth and His nature is known as theology
Choose all the answers that are correct.The accomplishments of Aristotle include: assisting in the early education of Alexander the Greatwriting Nichomachean Ethics
Aristotle’s theory of a person’s “function” said that: great personal fulfillment is achieved when a person is given the freedom to pursue his dreams.
Choose the statement that is NOT true. Engels edited Marx’s The Condition of the Working Class in England.

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