APEX: English 9 (Semester 2 – 1.3.7 ANSWERS): Analyze Different interpretations of MacBeth

[sidenote: read the passage]In this scene, what does Macbeth resolve to do in the future? Stop being so indecisive and take immediate action.
What evidence from the text supports the idea that Macbeth has decided to stop being indecisive and will take action? “And even now, / To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done.”
Which work is the best example of an adaptation? A movie based on a best-selling novel.
Which event in Macbeth happens first? Macbeth becomes king after Duncan is killed.
How do the soldiers’ feelings about Macbeth in Act I differ from their later feelings about him in Act V? In Act I, they think he is brave and honorable; in Act V, they think he is an insane tyrant who must be defeated.
Which element of a literary adaptation should remain the same as the original work? Theme
Why do modern audiences relate to adaptations of Macbeth? Modern audiences can easily understand the themes of ambition and desire that the characters show.
[sidenote: read the passage]What do Lady Macbeth’s actions in this scene suggest about her state of mind? That she feels guilty for her role in Duncan’s murder.
[sidenote: read the passage]What evidence from the text suggests that Macbeth is prepared to die? This push / Will cheer me ever, or disseat me now. / I have lived long enough.
What event in Act IV foreshadows Macbeth’s eventual downfall? The witches show Macbeth a procession of Banquo’s descendants as kings.