Apex English 11 Unit 6 flashcards (NOT ALL CORRECT, JUST POSSIBLE ANSWERS)

According to the study, what did John Steinbeck do to prepare for his book The Grapes of Wrath A: He studied the process of making wineB: He took a job as a migrant workerC: He wrote articles about migrant farmersD: He stayed with the family on their farmHe got a degree in agricultureHe worked in a factoryHe worked as a migrant farmerHe researched migrant farmers
What was the tone of the passage (snubbed nosed monsters! They kick up dust and then just stick their noses in it) Dissaproving
What is one reason Steinbeck uses parallelism in the grapes of wrath A: To downplay the contrast of opposing ideasB: To emphasize certain imagesC: To relax the reader with repetitionD: To soften the blow of disturbing subject matter
why couldn’t farmers pay their bills in the 1930s
Which phrase is the best example of parallelism? A: The rain sounds like thousands of soft, tiny feet scampering on the roofB: The snow came down so hard that i could barely see the road
how is the grapes of wrath structured A: With a chapter that uses standard syntax followed by one with irrigular syntax
Which of these is one reason the great depression began? A: Too little speculation (incorrect)B: Too many investmentsC: Too much credit useD: Not consuming enough
Which of these was a conquence for farmers during the dust bowl
How are intercalery chapters used in the grapes of wrath To present the big companies point of view
When did the Great Depression begin? A: Before the Harlem renascenceB: After the new deal
In Chapter 5, what do the owners of the land segust the tenants farmers do A: Move to californiaB: Get a loan from the bankC: Buy their own landD: Start driving tractors
In Chapter 25, why can’t the farmers pay workers to pick the fruit A: Because there is so little fruitB: Because the banks own all the farmsC: D:

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