AP Lit Hamlet Act 4

contend to compete for power over another; Gertrude speaks of Hamlet’s insanity.
providence foresight, forethought; Claudius speaking of the murder of Polonius.
knavish rascally, mishcievous, roguish; Hamlet speaking of R&G being sponges.
multitude numerous, high, plentiful, intense; Claudius talking about Polonius.
appliance remedy, cure, treatment; Claudius talking about sending Hamlet to England.
conveyance escort, conduct, convoy; Fortinbras talking about getting permission to cross Denmark.
beggar (v.) to reduce someone to poverty; Hamlet reduces Claudius mind into reality, into mush or a corpse.
rabble commoners; the messenger telling Claudius that the rabbles are calling Laertes king.
commune share, participate; Claudius manipulating Laertes and telling him that he sympathizes with him about Polonius’ death.
obscure weird, not well known, vague; Laertes disappointed about the informal burial of his father.

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