Antigone Worksheet

What information does Antigone give to Ismene at the beginning of the scene? she is going to go bury Polynieces to bring him honor
What has just happened to the sister’s family? Eteocles and Polynieces killed each other and Eteocles is allowed to be buried because he died honorably, but anybody who tries to bury Polynieces will be stoned to death.
What does Antigone plan to do and why? bury Polynieces to bring him honor because it is her family and the gods want everyone to be buried.
Does Ismene plan to join her and why not? No, she is more worried about being stoned to death and being honorable to Creon.
What story does the chorus tell in the Parodos talks about the battle between Eteocles and Polynieces and how the 7 Thebian princes end up dead because Zeus thinks they are boastful for going against him.
Who has Creon assembled at the beginning of the scene and why does he say he passed the new law? Chorus; Whoever buries Polynieces will die because he will not sit back because you can’t honor them both
How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon and what does this say about Creon timid and afraid of Creon, this suggest he is all powering, quick tempered, and likes to be in charge
What news does the sentry bring and who does Creon think is responsible? that someone has sprinkled dust on Polynieces body and Creon thinks it was a man
What is the dramatic irony in this scene? that is was not a man at all, but rather antigone, Creon’s kinship
How is Antigone caught? The sentry found her burying Polynieces in the act a second time after they swept off the dust
How is antigone’s attitude for death? She doesn’t care to die for doing what is right to her and before the gods. She has nothing to live for anyways
Who else does Creon want to question? Ismene
What has he decided to do with the sisters? Kill them both
Who came to speak with Creon? Haeman his son
What does Creon say is the greatest evil that society faces? rebelliousness and dishonesty(anarchy)
What has Haeman asked Creon to do? not to be stubborn and to listen to him about freeing Antigone
What is Creon’s response? Haeman is whipped and is caving in to Antigone’s desires
What does Haeman mean and what does Creon think he means when Haeman says “Then she must die. But her death will cause another.”? Haeman will kill himself if Antigone dies, Creon thinks Haeman is saying he will kill him.
How has Haeman’s attitude toward Creon changed? from respectful to desperate, defensive, and stubborn
What is the chorus’s attitude toward antigone now? At first, they thought she deserved punishment but now they feel sorry for her and think the gods will have favor on her after she dies.
What does Antigone express about her father? Polynieces’s crimes caused all their misfortunes and now the family is cursed.
What is happening at the end of scene 4? Antigone is locked in a vault to die.
According to Teiresias, what is the new calamity that creon has brought to thebes? Creon cursed the city by not burying Polynieces and punishing Antigone for wanting to bury him, The city will be in destruction until Polynieces is buried.
Creon accuses Teiresias of wanting what from him? money
What does Teiresias predict will happen to Creon? Creon will die soon for not burying Polynieces and punishing antigone for trying to do so.
What does the Choragus tell Creon will prevent this from happening? If he saves and frees Antigone.
what is a paean? prayer
what two people does the messenger say have died and how? Haeman died by killing himself when he found out antigone hung herself
After creon returns, who else has died? Eurydice by killing herself with a dagger
What is creon’s attitude at the end of the play? everything is his fault; he feels guilty, miserable, and regretful
What is Creon’s fatal flaw? Pride that he is always right and stubborness to admit what he declared was wrong even though it went against the gods

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