Antigone Vocabulary Practice

If you are expressing your grief, you words are a ______________. lamentation
When you violate a moral code, you _________. transgress
If you satisfy your hunger, you ______ it. sate
If you show that you believe someone is worthless, you reveal __________. contempt
An omen that seems to promise success can be seen as _____________. auspicious
If you show no emotion, you act _____________. impassively
Treating someone with awe and respect is showing ___________. reverence
A person who behaves in a pompous, moralizing manner is acting ______________. sententiously
Someone who wants to overthrow the government is an ___________. anarchist
If you act with rudeness and disrespect, you are guilty of ___________. insolence
If you purposely make a place of worship dirty, you _______ it. defile
Someone who is determined to go against what is expected is __________. perverse

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