Antigone: The Exodus

CHORUS LEADER:Here comes the king in person—carryingin his arms, if it’s right to speak of this,a clear reminder that this evil comesnot from some stranger, but his own mistakes.Which tragic element do the Chorus Leader’s lines reveal? hamartia
How does the play resolve the conflict between divine authority and human authority? The deaths of Haemon and Eurydice fulfill the prophecy.
CHORUS:Pray for nothing.There’s no release for mortal human beings,not from events which destiny has set.Which theme do the Chorus’ lines reveal? Divine authority is more powerful than human authority.
Which event occurs first? Antigone’s death
The Greek term “peripeteia” refers to the __________. reversal of situation
The Greek term “catastrophe” refers to the __________. scene of suffering
Which term refers to a character’s excessive pride? hubris
Which event is associated with the peripeteia in the play? Teiresias’ prophecy
CHORUS LEADER:What do you make of that? The queen’s gone back.She left without a word, good or bad. Which tragic element is associated with the lines spoken by the Chorus Leader? catastrophe
The Greek term “anagnorisis” refers to the __________. recognition

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