Antigone Test answers

antigone represents feeling and intuition
Ismene represents reason and caution
what is the setting of the play? Thebes
Choose the 2 answers which are the sons of Oedipus, who slew each other in the great Seven against Thebus battle Eteocles and Polynices
Which brother has been left unburied at the beginning of the play, causing the main conflict? Polynices
Towards the beginning of the play, Creon decrees what to happen to whoever tries to bury him? Death by public stoning
Which of Oedipus’s daughters decides to bury her brother despite Creon’s decree? Antigone
How should we best describe the Chorus in this play? A group of old men who try to give wise counsel to the king.
Why is the Guard worried about going to see king Creon? He’s knows the body has been buried, and when he tells the king, he fears that he will be blames or accused.
How does the king Creon react to the Guard’s news? He says the Guard must find the culprit, or he and the other guards will all be put to death.
The guard unexpectedly appears before the king again. This time he says, “Nothing is sweeter than escaping trouble for yourself, but its painful to conduct friends into it” Explain the context of this line. He’s not being blamed anymore, but hes turning over his friend Antigone to be blamed instead.
Creon asks Ismene if she had a part in burying her brother. How does she reply? “I did the deed, and I will take and bear the charge.”
King Creon’s son Haemon is supposed to be marrying which character? Antigone
Which character 1st tells King Creon, “I am yours, and you guide the best course for me to follow,” but then attempts to persuade Creon by saying “Don’t be so stubborn,” and “For a man to learn…is nothing shameful,” and “Yield your anger and let yourself change.” (pg 37 & 39) Haemon
Creon changes his mind about how tp dp away with Antigone. Instead of killing her immediately, what does he intend to do? Close her up (entombed) in a cavern
Whose law is Antigone most concerned with obeying The gods’
When the prophet Tiresias counsels the king to bury the body, how does the king initially (at first) receive this instruction? Creon says he still wont bury the body
By the end of the play, has the unburied body been buried or not? Yes. It has been buried by the end of the play.
When Haemon reached Antigone, he discovered she has died. How? She had hanged herself.
Haemon is clinging to Antigone’s body as bis father, king Creon finds them. Haemon draws his sword on his father. How does the scene end? Haemon misses his father and decides instead to commit suicide with the sword.
In the pages following these deaths, another character dies, “Struck (him or her)self in the hearth w/ (his or her) own hand.” Which character does this? Eurydice (Creon’s wife/ Haemon’s mother)
Who refuses to follow the gods’ laws, who refuses to take advice from his or her own son, and who failed to quickly take the advice of a prophet- is generally blamed for all the suffering and death at the end of this tragedy? Creon
Ismene, Antigone, Eteocles, and Polynices had tragic lives. From the “Mythological Background” we were reminded that their father, Oedipus, was a great Greek hero. Describe the end of his life. Late in his life he realized that a horrible prophesy about him had come true, and he died blind and miserable.

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