Antigone Study Guide: Scene 3 Ode 3

What is Haemon’s initial response when his father ask how he feels about the king’s decision to execute Antigone? He says, “No marriage means more to me that your (Creon’s) continuing wisdom” (Scene 3 14).
What does Creon say the men pray for? “Sons who are attentive and dutiful” (Scene 3 14) and who hate their “father’s enemies” (Scene 3 15)
Why is Creon intent on harshly punishing, even family members, all those who break the law? He wants to look like a strong ruler who puts Thebes first above friends and family.
What does Haemon claim is God’s crowning gift to man? Reason.
What does Haemon tell King Creon about the people of Thebes’ alliance to him? They are talking behind Creon’s back about Antifone being right to follow the gods’ laws.
Whose point, King Creon’s or Haemon’s, does the Choragos support? Both.
How does the city feel about Antigone’s crime? They think she should be found innocent.
While Creon is ranting at his son, what does the king threaten to do? Kill Antigone right there in front of Haemon.
Describe Creon’s death sentence for Antigone. She shall be locked in a vault and slowly starved to death.
According to Ode 3, what is it that “even the pure immortals cannot escape”? Love.
diviners Those who an predict the future; fortune tellers
deference To subject to the authority or control of another
subordinate Yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgement of another.
astray Straying to or into wrong or evil ways
brawl A noisy quarrel or fight
perverse Obstinately persisting in an error; wrongly self-willed or stubborn
piety Righteousness by virtue or being pious
vigil A watch kept during normal sleeping hours
vile Deserving or contempt or scorn
slacken To make or become less tense, taut, or firm; loosen

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