Antigone study guide questions and vocabulary

How are Antigone and Ismene related? They are sisters, the daughters of Oedipus
Who are the two brothers mentioned in the prologue? Brothers of Antigone and ismene; Esteocles and Polyneices
How did the two brothers die? The two were on opposite sides in the civil war and they killed one another on the battlefield
What is King Creon’s decree? Not to bury/mourn Polyneices
What does Antigone plan to do? Bury Polyneices
What is Ismene’s decision regarding the King’s decree? Follow the law & not be killed
What does Choragos compare Polyneices to in the Parodos? Wild eagle
What city has “seven gates in a yawning ring”? Thebes
What does Chorus compare Thebes to? Those who rise to defend the city
According to Choragos, what does God hate? Braggers
Who is the new King of Thebes?
how did the new king of Thebes claim her to the throne?
What f time

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