Antigone- scene 4-exodus

What is Antigone’s attitude as she is going to her death? She welcomes it
What is the chorus’ view of Antigone’s death? They are indifferent, though they blame her and are bitter.
To whom does Antigone compare her death? Niobe, Tantalo’s daughter.
Whom does Antigone blame? Her father, Oedipus
How does the chorus argue against her? They tell her that it was her own fault.
Who is Antigone looking forward to seeing in death? Polyneices, Oedipus, Jocasta.
What curse does she place on Creon? Death
What does Antigone ask the gods to remember? What things she suffers, that she has always obeyed their will.
To what does Antigone compare Creon’s voice? Death
What signs has Teiresias given Creon? Birds dying, fires going rampant.
According to Teiresias, what has brought the new calamity upon them? Creon’s hubris.
What does Creon assume is Teiresias’ motive? Money
What punishment does Teiresias give Creon? Death
Why does he agree to bury Polyneices and free Antigone? He wants to avoid punishment.
What gods do the chorus call on? Dionysus, Semele, Eleusis.
What does the messenger say about the state of human fortune? No man can predict it.
What news the messenger bring? Haimon’s death
Who is Eurydice? Creon’s wife and haimon’s mother.
What does Creon find when he reaches Antigone’s cave? Her hanging body, and haimon wrapped around it.
How does haimon react to seeing his father? He spits in his face and attempts to kill him. He ends up committing suicide.
What happens to Eurydice? She kills herself, blaming Creon.
What happened to Creon’s other son, Megareus? He is also dead.

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