antigone scene 3-5

who has come to speak with creon? haimon, creon’s son comes to creon to tell him that he is going to obey him and be loyal to him
what does creon say is the greatest evil that society faces? anarchy is the strongest evil that society faces
what does haimon ask creon to do? haimon is asking creon to spare antigone
what is creon’s response? creon response with anger and he describes haimon as being “girl struck”
haimon says “then she must die. but her death will cause another.” What does this mean? what does creon think he means? haimon means if antigone dies then it will cause him to kill himself. creon thinks haimon means he is going to kill creon.
how has haimons tone/ attitude toward creon changed from the beginning to the end of scene 3? haimon comes in in the beginning telling creon he respects him, then towards the end, he gives up and becomes very angry
how will antigone be killed? antigone will be killed by putting her in a tomb to die. they will give her little food
(scene 4) what is the chorus’ attitude toward antigone? how is this different from earlier? the chorus feels pity towards antigone unlike the beginning
what feelings does antigone express about her father? she is disapointed and angry with her father because of his crime (mingling with his mother)
what is happening at the end of scene 4? they are taking antigone away to the tomb
(scene 5) according to teiresias, what is the “new calamity” that creon has brought to thebes? the birds are killing each other and the gods are refusing the offering. they are mad because poly wasnt burried
what does creon accuse teiresias of wanting from him? creon is accusing teiresias for selling his wisdom for money
what does teiresias predict for creon? teiresias is telling creon that his family is going to be killed because he didnt bury poly and he killing antigone
what does choragos tell creon he must do to prevent this? free antigone and bury poly
what is a paean? a song of praises or thinks to antigone before she dies
(exodos) what 2 people does the messenger say have died? how have they died? antigone hanged herself, haimon tried to kill creon but then he fell on his own sword and dies.
by the time creon returns, who else has died? eurydice
what is creons attitude toward the end of the play? guilty
what is creons tragic flaw? he has too much pride
parados entrance song
exodos chorus exits singing a song that describes what has just happened in the play

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