Antigone Scavenger Hunt

son of creon haimon
notes that convey information to the cast and crew stage directions
central message of a play theme
message of fate about oedipus foretold by the oracle prophecy
the search for truth and _____ is personified in Sophocle’s works self awareness
readers should be able to ____ by putting themselves in the character’s shoes identify with a character
the cycle of plays about oedipus family Theban plays
father of antigone oedipus
first play about oedipus oedipus the king
middle play in the Theban Play cycle oedipus at colonus
final play in the Theban Play cycle antigone
father of oedipus laios
mother and wife of oedipus Iocaste
fought against creon in the civil war polyneices
fought for creon eteocles
re-stating passages in your own words paraphrase
a brief description of what happens in the play summarize
notes that define or clarify language in a play side margin notes
you can discover deeper meaning by doing this reading between the lines
wife of creon eurydice
much of what we learn in a play comes from what characters say dialogue
brought to life by dialogue and onstage actions characters
king of thebes after oedipus dies creon
most plays contain this- in it, events unfold, rise to a climax, and are resolved plot
literature that is meant to be performed live drama
enhances the reading of a play text aids
antigone has this- a sense of right and wrong sense of justice
the main character in a literary work protagonist
sister of antigone ismene
character in conflict with the protagonist antagonist
blind prophet teireseus
leader of the chorus choragos
act that usually drives the plot of a literary work character’s decision
reasons a character acts the way he/she does character’s motives
god of wine who was honored by the greeks with festivals dionysus
talked about quite often in greek theatre, but never shown on stage violence
exposition that opens the play prolouge
interpreted the meaning of the plays chorus
final exit exodus
the chorus’ song ode
singing from left to right antistrophe
singing from right to left strophe
stanza that follows the strophe and antistrophe epode
opening song parados

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