Antigone Prologue- Scene 2

what does Creon forbid anyone to do with Polyneices body? Creon forbids anyone to bury Polyneices body. His body shall like in the fields, a sweet treasure for the animals as they search for food
Why does Antigone summon her sister, Ismene, outside of Creons palace? she wants Ismene to help her bury their brother. Also Antigone talks about Creons law and how it wont stop her from burying their brother. She feels that it would mean a lot to Polyneices to go against law and to do a deference task for him. IF she gets caught and dies, she will die an honorable death, acc to Antigone
After the battle on Thebes what was Etocoles given? military honors and a soldiers funeral
What is Ismenes response to Antigones offer? she doesnt want to get in trouble with breaking the law. Se says they cant fight against men. If Antigone gets caught, then she will likely die as punishment and her death will continue their family’s tradition of dying.
How does Antigone feel that her sister refused to bury their brother? she accepts her refusal. She doesnt want to see Ismene, even if she asked to come. She made her choice, and she can be whatever she wants to be since the laws of the gods mean nothing to Ismene
if Antigone dies from her punishment of breaking Creons first law, what does Antigone think of her death as? it will be honorable and holy. She shall lie down with her brother in death and she will be dear to him as he was to her.
What does Ismene promise to do for her sister? (knowing that she is going against the law) Ismene says she will keep Antigones crime a secret.
how does Antigone reply to Ismene when she promises to keep her crime a secret? Antigone wants everyone to know. When all of “it” comes out if they learn that Ismene knew about Antigones crime all along, they will hate her.
what is the first Parodos in Antigone describing? Polyneices invading Thebes with his army. Etocles with the army of Thebes would meet with their enemy in an epic clash. Sun sets level east to west as the sun touches Thebes and struck the white shields of Thebes enemy from across Dirces stream. First Polyneices insulted Thebes to rouse his army then the battle began. Polyneices thrown back from his horse. At end of battle the two brothers killed each other in combat. Thebes won. Many chariots sang for joy. Temple shall be sweet with hymns of praise and long night shall echo with the chorus. (celebration)
why does Creon summon his Chorus/men? to talk about how Polyneices cannot be buried. Creon says that “whoever shows by word and deed that he is on his side of the state, he shall have Creons respect while he is living, and his reverence when he is dead.” they must not support to whoever breaks the law.
why must Polyneices not be buried according to Creon? He broke his exile to come back with fire and sword against his native city and the shrines of his fathers gods, whose idea was to spill the blood of his blood and sell his own people to slavery.
Who comes running into Creons palace after Creon has spoke with the Chorus? a Sentry comes in, out of breath. he regretes coming to Creon but has to tell Creon that someone buried Polyneices
why does this Sentry go to Creon? his inner self told him either “you fool, don’t you known you are walking into trouble?” or “if you let somebody get the news to Creon first, it will be even worse for you.” It was death for Sentry both ways. Plus the Sentry engaged in a gamble to roll the dice. The number on the dice pointed to this Sentry to deliver the bad news.
what does the Sentry constantly tells Creon? that he did not do this vile act. Tells Creon to not punish him since he brought such horrible news.
how was Polyneices buried? his body was mounded over with light dust. Not really buried, but as if they’d covered it just enough for the ghosts peace. there was no sign of digging, wheel tracks, or footprints. The ground was dry
what suggestion does the Choragus give to Creon about who buried Polyneices? Creons reaction? Choragus says the Gods could have buried Polyneices. Creon reacts furiously to this.
who does Creon think the criminal might be? • Creons says that from the very start there have been those who have whispered together, stiff necked anarchists, putting their heads together, scheming against Creon in ally’s. Creon says these are the men and they have bribed his own guard to do this thing. It was money that corrupted the men. Loose everything
what does Creon ask of the Sentry? to bring him the man who broke his law or the Sentrys death will be the least of his problems
Why does the sentry bring Antigone to Creon? b/c the Sentry caught Antigone burying her brother.
Explains Creons account of witnessing Polyneices’s body getting buried After the king threatened him, he and some guards went back and brushed the dust away from the body. they sat on a nearby hill to windward and kept guard. was awake whole night. Nothing happend till the sun whirled in the center of the round sky over them. Suddenly a storm of dust roared up from the earth and the sky went out. Plains vanished with the trees in teh dark. As the storm passed they looked and saw Antigone weeping over Polyenices and she brought more dust and sprinkled wine 3 times for her brothers ghost. guards ran to Antigone and arrested her at once.
how did Antigone feel when she was arrested? was not afraid, not even when they charged her with what she has done. She denied nothing.
Why does Antigone dare to defy Creons law? it was not gods proclamation. that final justice that rules the world below makes no such laws. Creons edict was strong but all his strength is weakness itself against the immortal unrecorded laws of God. This means that Antigone did what was right in the Gods law but not Thebes law. Antigone was willing to die honorably and join her family
what does the Choragus say about Antigone? how she is just like her father. both headstrong, deaf to reason, and never learned to yield.
What does Creon decide to punish Antigone for since she is guilty of double insolence and had broke the law and boasted of it? she and Ismene will die.
what does Creon order his servants to do? arrest Ismene. Creon will accuse her equally.
what does Antigone want Creon to do to her at this point? she wants to die for her punishment rather than her sister to take the blame as well.
What does Antigone point out to Creon about his men? the Chorus would praise her, were their lips not frozen shut with fear of their leader.
what does Creon ask Antigone? What is her answer? if she insulted Etocles’ memory. for he believes Etocles would honor a traitor as much has him. Antigone states traitor or not they are in = blood.
what does Creon view honors as? not the same for the wicked as for the just.
What does Antigone state to prove to Creon that honors are the same for the wicked and just? What is Creons response? “which of us can say what the gods hold wicked.” Creon says to Antigone that she should join her dead relatives in hell if she must have her love
What does Ismene confess to Creon? • her share in the crime with Antigone. (Even though she took no part with the crime and was willing to take share in the punishment) she couldnt imagine life without her sister. (Antigone says to Ismene “ask Creon, your always hanging on his opinions.”
what does Creon view Antigone and Ismene as to the Chorus? one who has lost their mind and one who has no mind at all.
what does Creon order his guards to do after Antigone and Ismene had confessed their guilt? orders his guards to take the girls away and to guard them well.
Ode 1 about how man is king of earth/ dominates the earth. Only death can master him. Man must use his abilities/powers according to man made law and ofthe Gods.
ode 2 fate will cause pain and sorrow for man.. Man may do things that allows them to be joyful temporarily but truthfully fate will always bring man sorrow, contradicting to the fact that death is every man’s final fate which is sorrowful.

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