Antigone Prologue-Scene 2

Scene and Time of the Prologue Creon’s place, dawn of the day after the war on Thebes
What is the curse on Oedipus? kill his father and marry his mother
What happened to Ismene and Antigone’s brothers? killed each other during the war of Thebes
What does Antigone want? wants Ismene to help her bury their brother
Why is Antigone’s reference to Creon ironic? our “good king”- she does not think he is good
Summarize Ismene’s speech to Antigone The deaths of their parents and brothers were tragic, but their deaths would be even worse if they defy Creon. They are only women: weaker than men. They must follow the law and yield to those with authority.
What is Antigone’s response to Ismene? Do what you want, but I am burying Polyneices.
Which laws are most important to Antigone? law of the gods
Which laws are most important to Ismene? law of Creon
What does Ismene pledge to Antigone? she is going to keep the burial a secret
What is Antigone’s response? Why? tells her to tell everyone, she doesn’t want everyone to judge her when they find out she knew about the burial all along
What are Antigone’s feelings at the end of the Prologue? wants Ismene to go away
How does Ismene characterize Antigone? loyal but unwise
Speech to Creon: Whom does he address? Chorus
Reason for speech? tell about Thebes and its safety after the battle.
How has he become king? Oedipus killed Laius and then killed himself. Eteocles and Polyneices assume the role but kill each other.
Creon’s opinion on loyalty: Contempt to what kind of leader? one afraid to follow what is best for state
Friendship vs. Country? Creon says there is no use for a man who puts friendship above public welfare.
What burial arrangements does he order? Makes arrangements for Eteocles but does not allow Polyneices a burial
Summarize We are Creon’s people and he has the right to enforce the laws
What is the penalty for disobeying Creon’s order not to bury Polyneices? death
What is the sentry’s attitude? nervous; scared of Creon’s anger
What are the details of the burial? body is lightly covered with dust just enough to be considered a “burial”. no animals around.
What is the Choragos’s theory on the burial? wonders if the gods performed the burial
Speech by Creon: What is his attitude? angry, livid
Why does Creon think the gods did not bury Polyneices? they would not honor a bad man
What is Creon’s theory of the burial? thought his guard was bribed
What will Creon do to the sentry if he does not bring the criminal to Creon? kill him
Interpret the Sentry’s statement King is the right judge, but in this case he is judging wrongfully for wanting to kill innocent people
What does the sentry plan to do? run away
Man is powerless against what? death
Summarize (21-22) When the laws of the state are obeyed, the state remains strong, when the laws are broken, the city cannot stand
Sentry’s speech to Creon: Sentry’s feelings toward Creon? scared of Creon’s anger
Why has the Sentry returned to see Creon? criminal has been discovered
Sentry’s second speech: What actions did the sentry and the others take regarding the body? brushed dust away from body and watched on a hill all night
What was Antigone’s attitude at the burial site? sad but not scared
Antigone’s speech to Creon: Attitude toward the gods’ law vs. Creon’s law Creon’s strength becomes his weakness when he goes against the gods
Antigone’s opinion on death accepts it
Creon’s speech to Antigone: How has Antigone committed a double crime? broke given laws and boasted about it
What is Creon’s order regarding Ismene? arrest her she is equally guilty; sentence her to death to
Antigone’s Speech to Creon: What does Antigone want from Creon? wants death
How does Antigone think she should be viewed by the people of Thebes? praised and honored
What does Ismene mean? If Antigone lets her, she wants to die along with Antigone
What is Antigone’s reaction to Ismene’s statement? Antigone says no don’t die with me
Who is Antigone planning to marry? Creon’s son (Haemon)

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