Antigone (Prologue-Sc.1) Lit.Terms

Metaphor ‘For carrion birds to find as they search for food’•Polyneices is the food for the bird(Prologue Line 22)
Metaphor ‘Crime is holy’•Antigone is going against Creons law, therefore it isn’t holy at all(Prologue Line 56)
Verbal Irony ‘Oh tell it! Tell everyone!’•Antigone is being sarcastic;she trust Ismene(Prologue Line 69)
Metaphor ‘Long blade of the sun’•Sun compared to blade of knife to show it’s power(Parados Line 1)
Metaphor ‘He the wild eagle screaming’•Attack with no mercy(Parados Line 10)
Apostrophe ‘Open,unlidded/Eye of the golden day!’•Talking to the sun as of it a person(Parados Line 4-5)
Personification ‘The famished spears came onward in the night'(Parados Line 15)
Simile ‘Rose up like a dragon behind him, shouting war’•Comparing him to a dragon(Parados Line 20)
Repetition ‘Seven captains at seven gates'(Parados Line 32)
Alliteration ‘That bends the battle line and breaks it.’•Quickens the combat making the audience anxious for the outcome(Parados Line 34)
Metaphor ‘Recent storms have threatened to destroy, has come safely to harbor at last’•Ship of state=Thebes Threatening Storms=War(Scene 1 Line 9-10)
Metaphor ‘Our ship of state’•Ship is Thebes, Creons bringing it back to stability after Polyneices and Eteocles destroy it(Scene 1 Line 8)
Motif ‘No one values friendship more highly then I'(Scene 1 Line 27-28)
Dramatic Irony ‘And the man who dared to do this?’•Creons thinks it is a man but the audience is well aware of it being Antigone(Scene 1 Line 79)
Connotation ‘The dearest profit is sometimes all too dear'(Scene 1 Line 128)
Metaphor ‘Tamed in the net of his mind'(Ode 1 Line 9)
Imagery ‘The sultry shoulders of the mountain bull'(Ode 1 Line 12)
Simile ‘Words also, and thought as rapid as air'(Ode 1 Line 13)
Foreshadow ‘When the laws are kept/When the laws are broken’•Antigone breaking Creon’s laws(Ode 1 Line 21-22)
Paradox ‘Was strong,/But all your strength is weakness itself'(Scene 2 Line 59-60)
Dramatic Irony ‘She has much to learn’•Creon wants Antigone to act one way when Creon is the opposite of it(Scene 2 Line 77)
Personification ‘Lips not frozen shut with fear'(Scene 2 Line 100)
Sarcasm ‘Ah the good fortune kings,/ Licensed to say and do whatever they please!'(Scene 2 Line 101-102)
Metaphor ‘Those tears are sisterly;the cloud/That shadows her eyes rains down gentle sorrow’•Antigone is regretful for not helping Ismene and letting her carry the punishment alone(Scene 2 Line 122-123)
Imagery ‘Those tears are sisterly;the cloud/That shadows her eyes rains down gentle sorrow'(Scene 2 Line 122-123)
Apostrophe ‘O dearest Haemon, how your father wrongs you!’•Ismene talks to Haemon although he isn’t in the room with them(Scene 2 Line 157)
Metonymy ‘That house is shaken’•Entire family closely related(Ode 2 Line 2)
Pathos ‘For carrion birds to find as they search for food’•Antigone is appealing pity to try making Ismene feel bad(Prologue Line 22)
Anaphora ‘When’re laws are/When the laws are’•Repetition or a word at the beginning of a phrase(Ode 1 Line 21-22)
Metaphor ‘Open, unlidded / Eye of golden day!/ O marching light'(Parados Lines 3-4)
Epithet ‘Open, unlidded/ Eye of golden day!'(Parados Line 3-4)
Alliteration ‘…bray of bragging tongues..’•Repetition of B’s(Parados Line 22)
Personification ‘Chariots sing for joy!'(Parados Line 40)
Metonymy ‘Yielded their clanging arms to the god’•The clanging arms are their armor being offered the god of war who is Ares.(Parados Line 33)
Metaphor ‘O marching light'(Parados Line 4)
Connotation ‘Or pine fire took the garland of our towers'(Parados Line 17)
Idiom ‘Ready to take hot iron in our hands.’•Accept the tortue
Anarchists ‘Stiff-necked anarchists’•in charge person
Personification ‘Money talks’•Money is getting to their heads
Idiom ‘Putting their heads together’•Act us one
Euphemism ‘Count a few coins to many.’•Take a bribe
Understatement ‘How dreadful it is when the right judge judges the wrong!’•Making the wrong choice
Alliteration ‘Sold your soul for some silver’ •Making money
Paradox ‘A fortune won is often a misfortune’•Sentry bribed

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