Antigone Prologue-Ode 1

Who are the two daughters of Oedipus? Ismene and Antigone
Who are the two sons of Oedipus? Polyneices and Eteocles
Describe the opening setting At the Palace of Creon in Thebes. It is the day after the civil war.
What was the conflict between Eteocles and Polyneices? They fought over power in Thebes and Polyneices was driven out and came back to assault Thebes.
How did the two sons die? They killed each other in the civil war
What did Creon do with the bodies of Oedipus’s sons? He buried Eteocles with honor but abandoned Polyneice’s body to rot on the battlefield.
What does Antigone plan to do and how does Ismene’s thoughts contrast Antigone’s thoughts on the issue of Polyneices’s death. Antigone plans to bury him. Ismene disagrees because she knows a woman can not legally do such a thing and that it will bring great conflict. Antigone believes the law of the gods is more important than the civil law. FOIL CHARACTERS
How does Antigone differ from Ismene in character? Ismene is very cautious and fearful of life because of how much grief she has gone threw, but Antigone looks at life bravely and boldly.
What event is the Parados describing and how does the tone describe the emotions of the people in Thebes? The event is the civil war between Polyneices and Thebes and how Polyneices assaulted the kingdom but his army was pushed back by the mighty army of Thebes. Polyneices and the general of Thebes, Eteocles, both killed each other. Phrases such as “beautiful morning of victory” and “chariots sing of joy” expresses the immense happiness the city of Thebes has right now. The author makes a very celebratory and euphoric tone. It is ironic that the city is in celebration, since soon, with the secret burial of Polyneices, there will be chaos.
Who is the new king of Thebes? What metaphor does he use to describe the journey to reaching safety in the city? Creon. He describes the Ship of State(Thebes) as being harbored at last, guided by merciful wisdom of Heaven after having been threatened(civil war).
How is Creon going to gain loyalty in the city(two principles)? He will not be afraid to speak out and take the best course of action. Also, he will only make valuable friendships that will not wreck the “Ship”(Thebes).
What is Creon’s purpose for coming out of the palace to speak? He wants to give his command that the city of Thebes is going on the right path. He is also strict on keeping Polyneices’s corpse on the battlefield to be unburied because of his betrayal to Thebes. He also says that no traitor will ever be honored and anyone who sides with Thebes, will be revered.
What is Creon’s command to the listeners? That they should not support whoever breaks his decree.
What news does the Sentry bring to Creon The body has been covered by dirt enough that it is considered a burial for the trip to the Underworld. He did not see a trace of anyone who may have done the crime though. The men of the city are quarreling and blaming each other and the sentry was blamed because of a dice roll.
How does Creon react to the Choragus’s idea about intervention by the gods? Creon believes that the gods would never have favored a man who tried to loot the religious temples in Thebes. Instead, he believes it was a group of anarchists who used MONEY to bribe the royal guards to do it. Creon hates money more than anything because it can affect anyone from dumbest to wisest
What does Creon say about the sentry’s fortune? He tells him to find the criminal, or else, the sentry would die and learn a lesson he has missed about fortune, that fortune won is misfortune.
What does Creon think of the Sentry? How does the Sentry feel? That he is an annoyance and that he probably sold his own soul for silver and was enticed by anarchists to bury the body. Says that he will get little profit from them in the end if he can not find the man. He feels he is safe and that he will definitely find the criminal.
Describe the Chorus in Ode 1 They are singing of how man is the greatest wonder on Earth and how he is secure from everything except death. Explains how man has accomplished things such as conquering the seas, harvesting the Earth, command over animals, language, shelter, and government systems. The chorus fears of a city that has broken laws and does not want to follow the practices of the anarchists.
What does Choragus compare Polyneices to in the Parados? A wild eagle swooping down on the city of Thebes. Very majestic person but had a great fall and was too in to himself.
What city has “seven gates”? What does the Chorus compare Thebes to?(Parados) Thebes. Those who rise to defend. Compared to dragon that shouted war and threw back the invaders.
According to Choragus, what does God hate?(Parados) Bragging tongues.
What are Antigone’s motives for buring Polyneices? Why Should Ismene help? He fought as bravely as Eteocles and died as miserably. He is part of the family and must be buried to reach the underworld. Antigone needs help if she is going to break the law and requires her sister since she is also Polyneices’s brother.
What is the punishment for burying Polyneices? Stoned to death
How does Antigone respond to Ismene’s rejection of help? She says that this crime is “holy” and that holy traditions should be above civil law. She states that the dead “make the longest demands: we die forever”. Believes Ismene is just using an excuse of following civil law to not help her. Ismene should “consider herself” not Antigone.
How does Antigone respond to Ismene’s statement of “I will keep it(burial) a secret, i promise!” She advises her to tell the plan because if it all comes out and they find out Ismene knew all along, she would punished.
How does Antigone feel about her probable death if she buries Polyneices? That her death “will not be the worst of deaths-death without honor”. Will be honorable and morally commendable.
What is a thematic concept expressed through the conflict in the Prologue(Ismene and Antigone)? The authority of religion vs. authority of king. Ismene sides with the king, while Antigone values religion above the king.
Who sides with Creon? Choragus
Who does Creon suspect for the burial of Polyneices? Believes a sentry did it by being paid off and was bribed to do the task. Believed anarchists and enemies paid off the sentrys

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