Antigone (Prologue and Parodos)

How are Antigone and Ismene related? They are sisters, the daughters of Oedpius.
Who are the two brothers mentioned in the prologue? They are the brothers of Antigone and Ismene: Etecles and Polyneices
How did the two brothers die? The two were on opposite sides in the recent civil war, they killed each other on the battlefield.
What is King Creon’s decree? Polyneices was considered a traitor by King Creon for attacking the city of Thebes. Polyneices body was not permitted to be buried, but left for the scavenger birds and dogs to eat. Eteocles was to receive a hero’s burial.
What does Antigone plan to do? She plans to bury her brother Polyneices according to the laws of their God. She believes that God’s laws are more important than man’s laws.
What is Ismene’s decision regarding the King’s decree? She is too afraid of recrimination to help Antigone.
What does the Choragos compare Polyneices to in the Parodos? He is compared to a wild eagle swooping down on the city of Thebes.
What city has “seven gates in a yawning ring”? The city of Thebes
What does the Chorus compare Thebes to? Thebes, in this case, is the personification of those who rise to defend the city. Collectively, Thebes is compared to a dragon.
According to the Choragos, what does God hate? God hates “the bray of bragging tongues.” He hates those who arrogantly brag of their successes.

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