Antigone plot diagram

Oedipus dies and his sons become King of Thebes 1st (background)
The brothers kill each other; Creon becomes King 2nd (background)
Creon will dishonor Polyneices because he is a traitor 3rd (background)
Antigone decides to bury her brother 4th (rising action)
The King founds out about Polyneices being buried 5th (rising action)
Antigone is caught while she buries her brother 6th (climax)
ismene gives a fake confession about helping bury their brother 7th (falling)
The girls are thrown in jail 8th (falling)
Creon and Haemon have an argument 9th (falling)
Antigone is placed in a closed vault 10th (falling)
Antigone, Haemon, and Eurydice dies 11th (resolution)
Creon realizes his tragic error 12th (resolution)

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