Antigone Final Test Review

What did the chorus do in the Greek theater? comments the action of the cast, sing, and dance
A classical play only included this many actors. 3
Classical Drama originated in festivals that honored this god/ Dionysus
This group of people would sing chant on stage. Chorus
These are the names for the stage and backstage areas. Skene and parodos
In a tragedy, the protagonist is called this. tragic hero
A tragedy tells the story of downfall of a hero
This protagonist must posses this quality. tragic flaw/hamartia
This character is the tragic hero in Antigone. Antigone
The downfall of Antigone’s tragic hero is caused by this personality trait. stubborn loyalty
This event in a tragedy leads to the hero’s downfall. catastrophe
Creon decrees that this person must not be buried. Polyneices
This character fears breaking Creon’s law because the punishment is so severe. Ismene
This is the punishment for breaking Creon’s law. stoned to death
Antigone prefers to follow these laws. the gods’ law
Creon sentences Antigone to this, changing his mind about the original decree. he imprisons her in a stone vault in the wilderness
This character tries to kill his/her father, then turns the sword on him/herself. Haemon
This character tries to plead for execution, but Creon refuses. Ismene
This character commits suicide by hanging. 1 Antigone
This character commits suicide by hanging. 2 Jocasta
These two characters die in battle. Polyneices and Eteocles
The character stabs him/herself in the castle. Eurydice
Who wrote Antigone? Sophocles
“Anarchy, anarchy! Show me greater evil!” Creon
“I know I must die, even without your decree: I am only mortal.” Antigone
“Big words are always punished, and proud men in old age learn to be wise.” Choragus
“The time is not far off when you shall pay back corpse for corpse, flesh of your own flesh.” Teiresias
“The law is strong, we must give in to the law… I must yield to those in authority.” Ismene
What could the Choragus do that the other Chorus members couldn’t? talk to the characters
What is Antigone’s father, Oedipus, famous for? he killed his dad and slept with his mom
Why does Creon forbid the burial of Polyneices? he thought he would destroy the city
What is Creon’s greatest fear? looking weak
What is the situational irony? expected outcome doesn’t happen
When does situational irony happen in Antigony? Antigone was going to be killed but she killed herself
The catastrophe of the play occurs when everyone dies

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