Antigone Final Test

What does Antigone do that is against Creon’s orders? Buries her brother
What’s Antigone’s punishment? To be buried alive in a cave.
Who is the sole survivor of Oedipus’s family? Ismene
How is Creon related to Antigone? Her uncle
Why is Antigone so determined to bury her brother? His spirit will be at peace by entering the underworld.
Who wrote the play? Sophocles
“You chose to live, I chose to die” Antigone speaking to Ismene
What becomes of Creon’s family? His wife and son kill themselves
What was agony for Antigone? To leave her brother unburied
From what alone can Man find no rescue? Death
How does Haemon die? He stabs himself and then embraces Antigone’s dead body
Why does Creon order that Eteocles be buried with great honors but that Polynices’ body be left to rot on the battlefield where it lay? Creon believed that Polynices would not be a good ruler and that he fought against Thebes.
What happens when Ismene attempts to take credit for burying Polynices? Antigone becomes angry with her and does not allow Ismene to take credit.
Why does Creon decide to imprison Antigone in a cave with some food? So as not to anger the gods.
What are three points Creon makes to Haemon? 1. a father’s enemies should be a son’s enemies;2. a disobedient, traitorous wife would only bring him shame;3. it would be unmanly to be beaten by a woman.
What four points does Haemon make to counter Creon’s argument? 1. public sympathy is with Antigone;2. people fear Creon, so they do not openly express their disapproval;3. Creon should not be ruled by his first thought and his anger; he should consider otherpoints of view;4. a wise man knows to yield when he is wrong, listen to the advice of others,and realize that he does not have infallible wisdom.
What does Antigone tell us is her only regret? She will die unmarried and childless.
Why has Tiresias come to see Creon? To plead with him to make the right decision to bury Polynices and not kill Antigone.
How does Creon react to Tiresias’ advice? He refuses to take the blind soothsayer’s advice. Creon says Tiresias’ wisdom is false.
What two warnings does Tiresias give Creon? 1. Creon will pay with two deaths for the two deaths he causes. One death willbe Creon’s son.2. The avenging Furies are waiting for Creon; the evil he has worked onothers will fall on him.
How does the chorus advise Creon after hearing Tiresias’ prophecy? They tell him to free Antigone and bury Polynices.
What four points (news) does the messenger bring after leaving the cave? 1. Creon buried Polynices2. Antigone hanged herself.3. Haemon tried to kill Creon.4. Haemon killed himself using a sword
The children of Oedipus must always suffer because of what? They are children of incest.
What is Eurydice’s immediate reaction to the death of her son? She says nothing and shows no emotion.
Where does the story take place? Thebes
How are women portrayed in Antigone? As weak and not having equal footing to men.
What is a tragic hero? A great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall, suffering, or defeat
What is a tragic flaw? The character defect that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy
In what timeframe is a Greek play completed? One day
What do the birds symbolize? Chaos
Who is the tragic hero? Creon
Haimon Creon’s son who was supposed to marry Antigone
masks actors wore ____ to help the audience see their emotions and to hear the voices
Which two characters had the most pride? Creon and Antigone
Which characters are most like Romeo and Juliet? Haimon and Antigone
Who first tells Creon that he is wrong because he would not bury Polyneices? He is brave because he tells Creon that he thinks his conscience may be bothering him. the sentry
“were their lips not frozen shut with fear”; is an example of __________ metaphor
“brazen, boasting of barefaced anarchy”; is an example of ______ alliteration
“Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waiver” is an example of personification
uses the persuasive techniques to convince Creon not to kill Antigone Haimon
Who is Creon’s wife? Eurydice
Which brother received a proper burial? Eteocles
Which brother did not receive a proper burial? Polyneices
Greek drama had its origins in religious ritual for the Greek god ? Name that god. Dionysos
What is Creon’s hamartia? his pride or hubris
How does Antigone die? She hangs herself with her wedding veil.
How/why does Haimon die? He kills himself b/c he finds Antigone dead.
What is the irony of Teiresias’ warning to Creon? Teiresias, although blind, has insight into the future while Creon, who has his sight, lacks insight and knowledge.
The main conflict in the play is what? law of the gods vs. the law of humans or listening to one’s conscience vs. listening to authority
How does Antigone bury her brother? Merely throws dirt over his body

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