Antigone Crossword Puzzle

Stoning The punishment for disobeying Creon’s edict is death by?
Oedipus Who is Antigone’s father?
Creon Who loses his wife and son at the end of the play?
Dust Storm The guard witnesses a _____ _____ before Antigone arrives at Polynices’ body?
Women Ismene does not think that she and Antigone should be concerned with morality because they are ______?
Sick Tiresias tells Creon, “The city is ______ because of your counsel….”
Heroic Antigone is the ______ figure of the story?
Tiresias Who prophesies that Creon will suffer the death of a child?
Sentry The ______ reports that someone has buried polyneices?
Intelligence Haemon claims that _________ is humanity’s greatest possession?
Hangs Antigone _________ herself and dies
Bird The animal Tiresias claims he receives his omens from?
State In his initial speech, Creon stresses the importance of loyalty to the ______?
Chorus The _______ convinces Creon to bury Polyneices?
Fiance Haemon is actually Antigone’s ________?
Love The Chorus: ” _______, unconquered in battle, / _______, who attacks wealth.”?
God At first, the chorus wonders if _______ buried Polyneices?
Daughter in law Ismene tells Creon that Antigone is his _____ _______ ______ to stop him from killing her?
Eurydice The second messenger tells Creon that ________ is dead?
Stormy Sea A recurring motif in the play is a ship in a ______ ______?
Thebes Eteocles and Polyneices fought for power over
Guilty After the Chorus urges Ismene to stand by Antigine, Ismene pleads _______?
Burial Creon denies Antigone’s brother proper ________ right?
Strength Ismene: “I do not dishonor them, but to do this against the state — I have no _________ for it?
Sister Antigone is Ismene’s ________?
Ismene The play begins with a conversation between Antigone and _______?
Haemon Creon carries the body of this person at the end of the play?
Tragic Hamartia: a _________ flaw?
Dead Antigone finds that it is more important to please the world of the _______?
Guilt “Most beautiful of all fates, the one bringing me my last day, the very best fate!” shows Creon’s _____?

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