Antigone by Sophocles: The Prologue

Which two characters value the authority of the state? (D)A. Polyneices and IsmeneB. Polyneices and AntigoneC. Eteocles and AntigoneD. Eteocles and Ismene D. Eteocles and Ismene
What is the biggest obstacle that the protagonist must face? (B)A. Isemene’s loyalty to the stateB. Creon’s decreeC. Antigone’s fearD. Zeus’ anger B. Creon’s decree
Now, dear Ismene, my own blood sister,do you have any sense of all the troublesZeus keeps bringing on the two of us,as long as we’re alive?Which character speaks these lines? (A)A. AntigoneB. PolyneicesC. EteoclesD. Jocasta A. Antigone
Why does the playwright include the family’s tragic past? (C)A. to confuse the audienceB. to entertain the audienceC. to foreshadow tragedyD. to create a joyful mood C. to foreshadow tragedy
Which character values family over law? (D)A. EteoclesB. IsmeneC. CreonD. Antigone D. Antigone
What is the goal of the protagonist? (A)A. to bury PolyneicesB. to overthrow CreonC. to frame IsemeneD. to bury Eteocles A. to bury Polyneices
The prologue covers which stage of the plot structure? (B)A. rising actionB. expositionC. climaxD. resolution B. exposition
Which character does not believe women are equal to men? (B)A. AntigoneB. IsmeneC. PolyneicesD. Eteocles B. Ismene
ISMENE:I’m not disrespecting them. But I can’t actagainst the state. That’s not in my nature.According to this passage, what does Ismene value? (B)A. familial relationshipsB. human authorityC. divine authorityD. societal customs B. human authority
What motivates Antigone to defy Creon’s decree by burying her brother? (B)A. monetary rewardB. divine authorityC. human lawD. loyalty to the rebels B. divine authority

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