Antigone by Sophocles: The Parados – English 10 B-CR

Which word describes the mood this passage creates for the audience?Standing above our homes, he ranged around our seven gates, with threats to swallow usand spears thirsting to kill. Suspenseful
Which event causes the rebel army to retreat? Zeus and Ares intervene.
Which word describes the speaker’s tone in this passage?CHORUS:Now victory with her glorious namehas come, bringing joy to well-armed Thebes. proud
Sensory details are intended to impact the __________ of the audience. mood
According to this passage, which personality trait did the ancient Greeks value?CHORUS LEADER:Zeus hates an arrogant boasting tongue.Seeing them march here in a mighty stream,in all their clanging golden pride, he hurled his fire and struck the man,up there, on our battlements, as he beganto scream aloud his victory. humility
Which statement summarizes this passage?CHORUS LEADER:born of one father and one mother, too—who set their conquering spears against each otherand then both shared a common death. Two brothers kill one another in battle.
Sophocles chooses specific words and phrases to reveal the __________ of the speaker. Tone
To which of the five senses does the imagery in this passage appeal?CHORUS:O ray of sunlight, most beautiful that ever shone Sight
Which event causes Eteocles and Polyneices to engage one another in battle? The Theban army counterattacks.
What is not necessary when summarizing the parados? predicting outcomes

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