Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 4, Ode 4 QUIZ

Which action completes the graphic organizer?Polyneices rebels against ThebesCreon forbids the burial of PolyneicesAntigone is arrestedHaemon argues with his father Polyneices rebels against Thebes
Read the excerpt below from the play Antigone by Sophocles and answer the question that follows.CHORUS:And the hot-tempered child of Dryas,king of the Edonians, was put in prison,closed up in the rocks by Dionysus,for his angry mocking of the god.What does this passage reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks?Gods showed mercy to angry mortals.Mocking one’s father was unacceptable.Disrespecting the gods was punishable.Angry kings were pardoned by gods. Disrespecting the gods was punishable.
What is Antigone’s attitude about her death sentence?indifferentacceptingfearfulsarcastic accepting
Which line from the play shows an example of an allusion?”Look at me, my native citizens,””But Niobe was a goddess, born divine—””When I look at her I forget my place.””To be piously devout shows reverence,” “But Niobe was a goddess, born divine—”
Tragic plot events are structured to reveal __________.the desires of the audiencethe triumph of the tragic herothe downfall of the protagonistthe humor of the playwright the downfall of the protagonist
Aristotle refers to plot as __________.”the reference to a person, place, or thing”the desis (rising action)the lusis (falling action)”the arrangement of the incidents” “the arrangement of the incidents”
What is the goal of the tragic playwright?to honor the god Dionysusto evoke pity and fear in the audienceto reveal a reversal of fortune from bad to goodto persuade the audience to rebel against the government to evoke pity and fear in the audience
“Mood” refers to the __________.attitude of the speakerorder of plot eventsfeelings of the audiencedefinition of tragedy feelings of the audience
Which comparison does the allusion to Niobe make?Neither Antigone nor Niobe were of royal blood.Both Antigone and Niobe mourn the loss of family.Neither Antigone nor Niobe had children.Both Antigone and Niobe were punished by a god. Both Antigone and Niobe mourn the loss of family.
Tragic events are related through __________.songs of the chorusdialogue between charactersthoughts of the characterscause-and-effect relationships cause-and-effect relationships

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