Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 4, Ode 4 Pre-Test

Tragic events are related through __________. cause-and-effect relationships
Which action completes the graphic organizer? Polyneices rebels against Thebes
Which comparison does the allusion to Niobe make? Both Antigone and Niobe mourn the loss of family.
What mood does the playwright intend to evoke from the audience with this allusion? fear
What does this passage reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks? Disrespecting the gods was punishable.
Aristotle refers to plot as __________. “the arrangement of the incidents”
What is the purpose of an allusion? to evoke an idea with minimal words
“Mood” refers to the __________. feelings of the audience
Which ancient Greek belief is revealed through the causal relationships among tragic plot events? Nothing happens by chance.
What is the goal of the tragic playwright? to evoke pity and fear in the audience

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