Who wrote the tragedy Antigone? Sophocles
What city does the story take place in? Thebes
When did Sophocles write Antigone? 441 BC
Who is the ruler/King of Thebes? Creon, uncle of Antigone
Who is Creon’s son? Haemon
Who is Haemon engaged to marry? Antigone
What is the name of Antigone’s sister? Ismene
What is Antigone’s personality? She is stubborn; dark haired; strong willed; serious
What is Ismene’s personality? She is a pleaser; prettier and happier than Antigone
Who are Eteocles and Polynices? Antigone’s brothers
Which brother stayed in Thebes and fought to protect it? Eteocles
Which brother raised an army in Argos and fought to conquer Thebes? Polynices
What happened to the brothers? They killed one another in a battle for Thebes
Who was named King of Thebes? Creon
What did Creon decide regarding Eteocles’ death? He should be buried with full honors for fighting for Thebes
What did Creon decide regarding Polynices’ death? That his corpse should be allowed to rot unburied and dishonored since he was fighting against Thebes.
Who decides to break the law and disobey Creon by giving Polynices a proper burial? Antigone
Antigone says that she will be obey a law more important than Creon’s law. Whose law will she obey? The law of the gods
Who first informs Creon that someone has illegally buried Polynices? one of the guards
What does Creon first say will be the punishment for this illegal burial? Antigone will be stoned to death
What is the Chorus? They are the 14 old men of Thebes who speak as one character
When Antigone refuses to back down from burying Polynices, Creon decides to change her punishment to what? He decides she will be walled up in a tomb and allowed to starve to death, rather than stoned to death.
Why does Creon change the punishment? Creon believes that if Antigone is allowed to starve to death, he and the state are not really killing her, and the gods will not be angry with him.
When the people of Thebes hear about Antigone’s proposed punishment, what do they think? They think Creon is being too harsh, and that he should allow Antigone to bury her brother.
Whom does Antigone ask to help her bury Polynices? Her sister, Ismene.
Why does Ismene refuse to help Antigone bury Polynices? Ismene says it is not for women to go against the laws of men–they aren’t made to fight against the state
What is the major conflict of this play? the law of the state (man’s law) vs the law of individual conscience (god’s law)
Who asks Creon to pardon Antigone and let her live? Creon’s son, Haemon
Why does Haemon say his father should allow Antigone to be free? Haemon tell Creon all of Thebes is on the side of Antigone
Why does Creon refuse to listen? Creon says the mob will not dictate his actions–he is the king
Who is the blind prophet that Creon always listens to and has helped Creon rule Thebes safely? Tiresias
What does Tiresias tell Creon about the latest signs from the gods? Tiresias says that no sacrifices to the gods are being accepted–nothing is catching on fire; the birds are quiet–something is very wrong in Thebes.
What does Tiresias tell Creon he should do? Tiresias says Creon should let Poynices be buried properly–it is wrong to kill a man twice.
When Creon refuses to listen to Tiresias, what does Tiresias say will happen? Tiresias says the gods will take “a corpse for a corpse”–Creon will lose a loved one.
After Tiresias leaves, what does Creon finally decide while talking to one of his lieutenants? Creon decides to give Polynices a proper burial, then rush to the tomb and free Antigone.
Who is Eurydice? The wife of Creon and mother of Haemon–the queen of Thebes
Who tell Eurydice what happened in the final scene? The messenger
When Creon and his men came upon the body of Polynices, what did they do? They gave it a proper burial
When they entered Antigone’s tomb, what did they hear and see? They heard Haemon crying and they saw that Antigone had hanged herself with linens.
What does Haemon do when he sees his father Creon in the tomb? He screams at his father and draws his sword as if to kill Creon, then turns the sword on himself and takes his own life.
After Eurydice hears the tragic news, what does she do? She goes into the house to be by herself, then stabs herself with a dagger and dies.
How does Creon’s punishment fit his crime? Antigone despaired that in dying she would never have a husband or a child–Creon loses his wife and his child as well.

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