why did Creon refuses to bury Polynecies? If a person is not buried, their soul will be wandering forever. Since Polynecies started the war against his brother, he wants him not to be buried.
Why does Antigone want to bury her brother? Burring her brother is the right thing to do
Ismene believes what? That burring her brother is the right thing to do, but no one should disobey Creon’s law.
Creon says he values what? Creon values his power. he practically thinks he is a god and thinks he is always right
Antigone is sentenced to what? First she is sentenced to death, then Creon decides to sentence her to be eternally imprisoned
Haimon fully supports who? Antigone
Teiresias begs Creon to? To take back his laws and set Antigone free
Creon finally gives in and does what? tried to set Antigone free
what is the story of Oedipus? his father liaos gets told that he will be killed by his own son. to avoid this he pierces and binds the feet of infant oedipus and leaves him in a mountain. a Shepard finds him and bring him to his master. he was given the name oedipus which means swollen foot. oedipus gets told that he is going to kill his father and marry his mother. he tries to avoid this he decided to leave the town. on his journey he meets a man and kills him, not realizing this was his real father. oedipus answers a riddle and wins the title of the savior of thebes. he becomes king and marries the newly widowed queen. they had four children together.
how does the play begin? the play begins with antigone and ismene having a debate over weather to bury their brother or not
Who suggest God may have buried Polyneces? choragos
Who says Creon will pay corpse for corpse?
who is the first person to discover what has happened to Antigone?
How does Antigone die? hangs herself
How does Polyneces die? killed in battle
How does Etocles die? killed in battle
how does Haimon die? after he sees that antigone killed herself, he stabs himself
how does liaos die? oedipus kills him
how does iocaste die? in horror that she married her son, kills herself.
how does Oedipus die? he realizes he married his mom, so he takes his eyes out. He then was banished so he eventually died
how does eurydice die? kills herself by stabbing herself
in once scene, dramatic irony scene one, when we realize that the dramatic irony is that his niece is the one who buried polyneces
what is the conflict between civil law and divine law? civil law is Creons law. Devine law is the God’s law. the conflict is
which brother invades the other brother? polyneces invades eteocles
what is the conflict between antigone and ismene? antigone and ismene both agree that it is right to bury the dead. however, ismene refuses to help antigone in the burial of her brother because of creon’s decree. also, antigone doesn’t want ismene to help because she wants to spare her life.
what is the conflict between creon and haimon? haimon is engaged to antigone but his father wants her put to death. haimon obviously does not want his fiancee dead.
why does creon forbid the proper burial of antigone’s brother? since polyneces was the one who started the war ang got everyone killed, he believes that his body should not be buried. if your body is not buried, your soul will be roaming around the earth forever and never finds peace.
what are the three major actions that take place off stage? 1) antigone burying polyneces and getting caught 2) antigone hanging herself 3) the war
what is the function of the choragos?
“in flood time you can see how some trees bend,/ and because they bend, even their twigs are safe,/ while stubborn trees are torn up, roots and all.” who? what? when? where? why? who: haimon speaking to creon what: he is saying that the punishment does not fit the crimewhen: now where: the palace why: haimon just heard about the death sentence of his fiancee, so he is trying to convince his father not to have her stoned to death
“no pride on earth is free of the curse of heaven.” which character or characters show themselves to be guilty of this human fault? who? what? when? where? why?

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