Who is the sister of Antigone? How are the sisters foils? Ismene; Both love family but have different strengths( Antigone more of a follower dealing with being a moral catholic where as Ismene more of a follower dealing with human government person)
What happened to Antigone’s two brothers? They killed each other in battle over the throne of Thebes.
What decree has Creon issued regarding Antigone’s brothers? one was given a formal burial (Eteocles) while the other one was left to rot (Polyneices)
Who are the brothers of Antigone? Her brothers are Polyneices and Eteocles
What punishment is decreed for the person who disobeys Creon’s edict? Public stoning to death
What does Antigone want Ismene to do? Help her give Polyneices a formal burial
According to Ismene, what should women not do? Ismene thinks that women shouldn’t compete with men. She feels that men and women have separate activities and responsibilities.
According to Antigone, who makes the longest demands? the dead and the gods
Whose laws will Ismene be guilty of violating? Creon’s Laws
In the Parados, what do Zeus and the gods ” hate utterly”? They hate utterly people who brag and think to much of themselves
In a metaphor, what is Polyneices compared to in the Parados? he is compared to a soaring eagle
How many captains marched 7 (seven)
Who is the son Menoecues? Creon
What has Creon decreed regarding Eteocles? He will receive a military formal burial
What has Creon decreed regarding Polyneices? He will not receive any kind of burial
What news does the guard bring to Creon? Someone has buried Polyneices D;
What does Creon want the guard to do? Bring him the person who buried Polyneices
What is the motive that Creon attributes to both the guard and he who buried Polyneices? of wanting money
Whose laws, according to Antigone, was she following? God’s proclamation
What is the double insolence Antigone is guilty of? Is Ismene equally guilty? Antigone: breaking given mans laws and of boasting of it and no Ismene is not
Who is Antigone suppose to marry? Creon’s son (Haimon)
According to Creon what law should be fixed in Haimon’s heart? It is obeying his father
Why will Creon not pardon Antigone? Because she is wicked and broke his law and he would seem weak for pardoning her
What does Creon say is the worst of evils? Anarchy
By whose hand would Creon prefer to fall from power man
What were the people of Thebes saying about Antigones sentence? How do you know? They said she was innocent and it was unfair. We know by Haimon and the Chorus
According to Haimon, it is no shame for a wise person to do what? Haimon also compares the stat, as Creon sees it, to what? How does Haimon’s attitude change? admit he is wrong/compares to a desert/ it changes to wanting justice
By whom does Creon object to being schooled? his son and society
To whom does Creon accuse Haimon of being enslaved? Antigone a women
What will Creon do to Antigone? lock her in a vault of stone and let her go crazy-pray to the gods of hell to help her-hes pretty harsh
According to the Chorus, what has caused Antigones ruin? her own choices
What has Creons counsel done to his city of Thebes? It has destroyed the city and things have fallen apart because the gods are upset.
What does Creon accuse Teiresias of being interested in? bribery by Anarchists
What prediction does Teiresias make about ” flesh of your flesh.’? To whom does Teiresias refer? refers to Haimon and that he would rebel against him
What advice does the Chorus give to Creon regarding Antigone and Polyneices? To free Antigone and give Polyneices a formal burial
What concession does Creon make before taking action against his decrees? Laws of gods should be obeyed
What is the name of Creons wife? Eurydice
What happens to Antigone? She hangs herself
What does Haimon try to do to Creon? What does Haimon do when he is unsuccessful? Haimon tries to stab Creon with his sword, but when he fails, he kills himself.
What happens to Creon’s Wife? She kills herself
What does Eurydice do with her last breath? She curses Creon
What is Creons fate? to let life take its course-in unhappiness-
Summarize the meaning of the Choragus’ last lines. Pride often downfall, wisdom comes on age and experience
According to Aristotle, what is a tragedy? to make one arouse pity and fear
What is catharsis? emotional release
What is a tragic flaw? fundamental character weakness
In Antigone, who is the tragic hero? Creon-his pride-

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