Animal farm unit test ALL QUESTIONS!!!!!????

identify old major, boxer, clover, benjamin, and mollie. old major is the old white boar who comes up with the idea to rebel, dies in very beginning very smart, smartest on the farm. boxer is and enormous beast, almost 18 hands high, strong as 2 ordinary horses put together, white stipe down nose gives stupid apperance. clover is a stout mouthed mare, in the middle of her life. benjamin is a donkey. mollie is a foolish pretty white mare who likes ribbons, sugar, and herself.
for what purpose did old major call the meeting of the animals? major called the meeting to talk about starting a rebellion about animals living together in a better life.
after they vote and decide if rats are comrades old major summarizes his points for the animals to remember. what are they? they are animalism and the seven commandments.
what is the “beast of england”? what does it stand for? the beast of england is the anthem of the farm it explains old majors dream of the farm-an animal controlled society 3 nights before his death
why did the pigs get the lob of teaching and organizing? the pigs got this job because they are the smartest on the farm.
identify snowball, napoleon, squealer, amd moses. snowball is a more prominet pig. napoleon is a more prominet pig. squealer is a brilliant talker (pig). and moses is a tame raven who spreades stories of sugarcandy mountain to the animals.
what actally brought about the rebellion?t nimals were hungry and broke into get food. when jones tried to stop them, they ran him and others out.
what were the seven commandments? -what has 2 legs is enemy-what has 4 legs is friend-no animals shall wear clothes-no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets-no animal shall drink alcohol-no animal shall kill any other animal-all animals are equal
who gained leadership of the aniamals?why? the pigs gained leadership of the animals recgonized as the cleverest.
describe the animals flag. the animals flag was green with a hoof and a horn centered in the middle represented the green fields of england hoof and horn represented the republic of animals.
what happened to the milk and apples? the pigs were eating milk and apples tomperserve their health so they could make good decisions as the leaders of the animals.
what was the battle of the cowshed? when jones and other farmers came with sticks to retake the farm, they failed.
what was snowballs role in the battle of the cowshed? snowball’s role was that napoleon sent the dogs to attack him.
describe the relationship between napoleon and snowball. napolean and snowball both are tryong to be the new leader of the farm and they hate eavh other.
what topic divided the animals?which pig was for and which pig was aganst this topic? the topic was the windmill, snowball was for building it and napoleon was against it.
how did napoleon get rid of snowball and gain full control of the animals? napoleon sent dogs to attack snowball at the battle of the cowshed, he tookfull control after snowball left.
what changes did napoleon make first? napoleon said no more sunday morning debates, and he started changing commandments.
how did squealer justify napoleons take-ovet to the others? napoleon took on responibilty wont make wrong decisions loyalty and obidence are mor pe imporant than bravery
what are two maxims boxer adopted? “i will work harder” and “napoleon is always right”
why did napoleon in fact change his mind and decide to have th animals build the windmill? he wanted to build the windmill because if the animals were working all day they wouldnt have enough time/energy to rebel that would gibe napoleon more time in office.
for what puroose did napoleon begin trading? napoleon began trading because they didnt do so good in the harvest that year so they needed more food and there was some other materials that they urgently needed.
why did the pighe say the had to move into the house? the pigs said they had to move into the house because squealer said that since the pigs were the brains of the farm it is necessary that they have a quiet palce to work in.
who did napoleon lame for the windmill disaster? why? napoleon lamed snowbLl for the windmill diaster because he doesn’t want the animals to like snowball.
why did the hens have to give up their eggs? napoleon needed assets to sell to get money for food to feed the animals.
how has snowballs role been changed by the end if chapted 6? napoleon and squealer says that snowball is bad and was with the humans and against the animals the whole time.
why did napoleon begin executing the animals? napoleon began executing the animals to keep the in fear and to stop any rebellion.
whom did boxer blame for the excutions? what was his solution? boxer blamed snowball for the excutions his soultion was “i will work harder”.
why did the animals sing “beast of england” song slowly amd mornfully as they were gathered on the knoll? the animals sang this because it was right after the animals had been excuted and life on the farm was not as rhey expected after the rebellion.
why was singing “the beast of england” banned? it was banned because it was the song of the rebellion and the rebellion had passed and it reminded the animals of the original idea of the rebellion.
in what ways has napoleon set himself apart from the other animals? titles like “our leader” and comrade napoleon”, lived n seperate quarters, ws not seen in public often, guards to protect him, ceremonies 2 celebrate his birthday.
how did fredick cheat napoleon? the bank notes which he used to pay napoleon for timber were forgeries.
what moved the animals to attack fredrick and his men at the battle of the windmill? the men blew up the animals windmill.
why was napoleon dying? napoleon apparently had to much whiskey.
what special treatment did the pigs and piglets get? they recived a special education, piglets were discouraged from playing with the other animals, pigs had the right of way, pigs could wear green ribbons on their tails on sundays.
what happened to boxer? boxer was getting old. they put him in a horse stall for a couple of days and then a “high quality hospital worker” came and took him away, it was really a butcher and glue boiler and when the animals saw the truck that said butcher and glue boiler squealer said it used to be a butcher and a glue boilers property but now it belongs to a hospital worker and they havent painted over it yet.
the animals on the farmworked hard what was their consolation (reward)? they were not working for man, they were working for themselves.
what was clover startled to discover? she saw apig walking on their hind legs.
what commandment took place of all the others? all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.
what did the other animals see when that looked into the farmhouse window? they saw the pigs in alliance with the himans. the animals couldn’t tell the animals from the humans.

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