Animal Farm Propaganda Examples

Name-Calling When Squealer/Napoleon calls Snowball a ‘traitor’, and ‘criminal’
Glittering Generalities Minimus’s song for Napoleon/The positives on the farm are all credited to Napoleon
Euphenism Squealer calls it a ‘readjustment’ of food instead of a ‘reduction
Transfer Squealer tells the animals to adopt Boxer’s mottos after he died
Card Stacking Squealer lies to the animals about how much food the farm has (when in reality the farm has very little food)
Testimonial After Napoleon’s purges, Boxer tells all the animals to work harder
Plain Folks The pigs working alongside the other animals/’Comrade’
Bandwagon The bleating of ‘Two legs good four legs bad’ by the sheep
Fear ‘Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?’
Logical Fallacies Snowball is bad. Bad things are happening on the farm. Snowball must be doing the bad things.

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