Animal Farm Chapters 9-10

retired superannuated
in complete agreement unanimously
seriously solemnly
scornfully (scorn-mean) contemptuously
sum of money paid as a retirement benefit pension
drunkard inebriates
of a son or daughter filial
happening at the same time simultaneously
They received a special education, piglets were discouraged from playing with the other animals, pigs had the right-of-way, pigs could wear green ribbons on their tails on Sunday. What special treatment did the pigs and piglets get?
Boxer was seriously injured and Napoleon said he would send him to the hospital, but he actually sold him to the butcher. The pigs used money acquired from selling him to buy a case of whiskey. What happened to Boxer?
They were not working for man; they were working for themselves. The animals on the farm worked hard. What was their consolation?
She saw a pig walking on its hind legs. What was Clover startled to see?
“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” What commandment took the place of the seven commandments?
They saw the pigs in alliance with humans. The animals couldn’t tell the pigs from the humans. What did the other animals see when they looked in to the farmhouse?

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