Animal Farm Chapters 9-10

How old is Boxer and when can he retire? He is eleven and can retire at age twelve.
What new name does Napoleon give Animal Farm? Manor Farm
According to Squealer, what arrangements has Napoleon made for Boxer’s medical needs? to send him for treatment at a Willingdon hospital
What do the animals observe by watching the pigs through the farmhouse window? The pigs’ faces become human.
What is celebrated during the Spontaneous Demonstrations held each week? the struggles and triumphs of farm animals
What prophecy does Moses the raven proclaim when he reappears on Animal Farm after an absence of many years? He speaks of a better life just beyond the other side of the dark cloud called Sugarcandy Mountain.
What actual arrangements does Napoleon make for Boxer? Boxer is sold to a knacker, a horse slaughterer, for hide and glue.
How does Squealer rationalize the wording on the van that takes Boxer away? He explains that the vet recently purchased the van from a knacker and has not yet had the time to repaint it.
What happens on the day set aside for a banquet in honor of Boxer’s life? The pigs get drunk after a large crate of beer is delivered to the farm.
What is planned to be built in the farmhouse garden? a schoolroom for the young pigs
Three days after Boxer is taken away, what does Squealer announce to the animals? He tells them Boxer has died in the hospital.
Which four original animals are still alive at the beginning of Chapter 10? Clover, Benjamin, Moses, Squealer, and Napoleon
What causes Napoleon and Pilkington to break into a fight? Both play an ace of spades while playing cards
What is Boxer’s only goal in life now that he has been injured? He wants to see the windmill under way before he retires.
What creates a warm, rich aroma that fills the air one late afternoon in February? the aroma of barley cooking
Why are there many more mouth to feed this winter? Four sows give birth to thirty-one young pigs.
What is the completed windmill used for? milling corn
At the end of the tour, what does Mr. Pilkington propose a toast to? the prosperity of Animal Farm
What happens to Boxer late one summer evening just before his twelfth birthday? His lung gives out at the quarry, and he falls.
Who is invited to tour Animal Farm? neighboring farmers, like Pilkington

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