Animal Farm Chapters 8-9

38. How do the pigs “alter reality” to handle the food crisis? By saying the food production increased by 200%, 300%, or 500%
39. By this point what trappings of a typical dictator has Napoleon assumed? Make himself a godEating by himselfSeparate solo roomSecret guardsFood tasterTrumpeterGun fired on his birthdayComplete control
40. Napoleon’s constantly shifting allegiances between Frederick and Pilkington represent Stalin’s dealings with the Germany and the Allies in the late 1930’s. For Russia, how did all those dealings end in 1939? Russia lets Hitler & Germany tae Poland unopposed
41. Hitler had signed a non-aggression pact with Russia, but he went back on it and invaded Russia, but he went back on it and invaded Russia. How is this represented in the book? Frederick dealt with Napoleon but cheated him, got free wood, and Napoleon tried to get back at him.Frederick blows up the windmill
42. What enables the animals to defeat Frederick’s armed forces? By rushing them and harming them. After their windmill blew up, they got their courage to go after them
43. How do the animals react after the battle? What does Napoleon do? Animals are depressed and sad about the Phyrric victory
44. Why does Squealer report that Napoleon is dying? Because of the drunkeness
45. The narrator begins the next-to-last paragraph, “About this time there occurred a strange incident which hardly anyone was able to understand.” What was this incident? Squealer lying hurt with a bucket of white paint along with a brush and a ladder
46. A few days later the animals found another commandant they “had remembered wrong.” Which one was it? The fifth one, about drinking alcohol
47. What one animal makes the connection between Squealer’s acts and the commandments? Benjamin the Donkey
48. At the opening of this chapter, why did Benjamin refuse to read the Sixth Commandment when Clover asked him? Didn’t want to
?49. Considering all his actions, what kind of person is Benjamin meant to represent? The people that knew what to do but didn’t do anything about it
50. Boxer’s death does not have a counterpart in Russian history. In a general sense, though, what does his death represent? The death of the good people
51. How does Squealer once again use language to mask reality? Said Boxer died in the hospital, and that there were money
52. What are some other signs that life is becoming unequal? The pigs are changing the rules to suit their needsAnimals made way for the pigsPigs got warm foodThey use dogs to guard the pigs
53. While the farm prospers, life is harder and harder for the animals.The narrator says if life was hard it was “partly offset by the fact that life nowadays had a greater dignity than it had before.”What was it that gave this “dignity”? That they weren’t slaves but free from humans and worked for themselves
54. Although the pigs do not believe what Moses says, why do they allow him to return and even provide him with food? Because the raven would keep their minds of of Napoleon and the pigs
55. What causes him to break into a gallop; then later read(Benjamin)? Remember, he said earlier that while he can read quite well, there is nothing worth reading… Because they were killing Boxer and not being sent to the hospital
56. Boxer’s removal and demise are both poignant and filled with ironies.Why is it impossible for him to kick his way out of the van? Instead of the promised retirement, what awaits him? How were Old Major’s comments to Boxer in Chapter 1 prophetic Because of no strength in his legs, death awaits him
57. The final irony is that “somewhere or other” the pigs got money to buy themselves another case of whiskey for the banquet to be held in Boxer’s honor. Where was the money from? From the death of Boxer

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