Animal Farm Chapters 8 & 9

What purpose is served by the production figures Squealer reads to the animals? The pigs fooled everyone by having Squeler read to them and describe how what thier doing is helping them alot more then before. And that their gaining alot more by what their doing. Nobody can agrue with the facts that are being presented to them.
How is Napoleon becoming more and more like a typical dictator? He has many different titles for his name. He has his own appartment in the house. He has his own personal food taster and always either walks around with bodyguards or and entourage.
Describe the sale of the stack of lumber. How does Napoleon outwit himself? Napoleon was supposed to sell the lumber to Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick. Instead he choose to mess with them and have them go against eachother untill he gets the exact price he wanted for the lumber. He insisted that they pay in banknotes, but they turn out to be forgeries. Then when Frederick decides to attack the farm Pilkington decides not to help Napoleon.
What makes the battle against Frederick’s men different from the Battle of Cowshead? There is no defense planned out for the farm. The men have more weapons and this time their all a bit more prepared for what going to happen. And the animals that don’t have a leader choose to hid from the battle so their more likely to survive.
Why do the men blow up the windmill? The humans had seen the windmill as a sign of the pigs ability to run the farm. They thought by destroying it then the animals would give in and give back the farm to Mr. Jones.
The animals celebrate a victory, but at what cost? The windmill is destroyed and boxer has a split hoof. Most of the animals are all dead excepts Squeler and all the rest of the animals that chose to hide.
Describe the whisky incident. Why would Orwell make this scene somewhat humorous? The whisky incident was supposed to be humurous because it’s pigs drinking and getting majorly drunk. The pigs thoughts were to get rid and bane all alchoholic drinks out of fear of death from drinking to much. When the pig, however, sobber up they decide that drinking isn’t so bad anymore. They learn how to make beer and take whats supposed to be the retirement home for animals to plant barely.
Why are the animals so easily fooled, even when they find Squealer with a ladder and white paint beside the barn at night? Most of the animals there can’t read or understand the commandments written on the wall. Their all naive, except for Benjamin who still chooses not to say anything.
What is happening to Boxer? Boxer is working really hard and is working himself to death. He isn’t healing at all from his injuries because he sticks to his motto no matter how much pain he’s in.
What are the living conditions like for all of the animals except the pigs and dogs? The animals are being given less food but are working alot harder then before. Rations are being cut alot less and Squeler tell them how they benefit from it and the animals believe him.
Why does Napoleon allow Moses to return and to tell his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain? Every animals hope is either very low or gone so he thinks Moses stories will help make things positive. They need hope about life after death. With this promise, they will put up more privation since they will eventually be rewarded. People generally need to look forward to something.
What happens to Boxer? How do the animals accept it? Boxer hurts himself while he’s dragging stone from the windmill. He’s taken to the knacker and is made to be glue, fertilizer, and dog food. Squeler tells everyone that Boxer dies at the hospital and repeats his final words to everyone. Benjamin is the only one who understands what’s really going on, and everyone is trying to believe what Squeler told them. The money that the pigs get for Boxer is spent on whisky instead.
Of what kind of person does Benjamin remind you? Give some examples. What is your opinion of such people? Benjamin happens to be a very interesting charachter. He’s cynical and determind not to do anything or get invovled in the situation. If he was a bit more agressive before then maybe he might have been able to save boxer. He’s, however, like every other person that know’s something is going on but chooses to ignore it because it doesn’t involve him.

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