Animal Farm chapters 1-10

What is the name of Mr. Jone’s Farm? Manor Farm
Who had a strange dream he wishes to communicate with the other animals? Old Major (a Pig) ((Karl Marx))
Old Major tells the animals that he “understands the nature of life on this earth”. What three words does he use to describe the animal’s lives? Short, Miserable, laborious (full or work)
Who does Old Major say is the only “real enemy” the animals have? any thing who walks on 2 legs
What is the name of the song that Old Major teaches the animals at the end of his speech? Beast of England
Animalism represents….. Communism
What are the names of the 3 animals who teach the others the principles of animalism at the beginning of chapter 2? Squealer, Snowball, and Napolean
What are the three reasons why animals are given more food after the Rebellion? 1.Serving themselves2.They were starving3.Celebration
What does Mr. Jones forget to do that riggers the rebellion? He forgets to feed them
Why doesn’t old major take part in the rebellion? He died
After the Rebellion, why does snowball destroy the ribbons that were used to decorate the horses’ manes and tails? Because they were “clothes” which were human
Which animal are the most faithful disciples of Animalism? Boxer and Clover
After he animals have explored the farmhouse, what do they agree to do with it? They decided that t should be preserved for a museum
After the rebellion. the pigs mil the cows. What happens to the milk? It disappears
What are the 7 commandments 1.Whatever goes up upon 2 legs is an enemy2.Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend3. No animal shall wear clothes4.No animal shall sleep in a bed5.No animal shall drink alcohol6.No animal shall kill any other animals7.All animals are equal
Who is described as the hardest worked on Animal Farm? Boxer
What is Boxer’s answer to every problem or setback? “I will work harder”
Which animal works the same after the rebellion as before and ill not express any opinion about it? Old Benjamin
Describe Animal Farm’s flag A green table cloth with a white hood and horn in the corner
Why does Snowball teach the stupider animals the maxim “Four legs good two legs bad” instead of the 7 commandments? Because most of them couldn’t read and so that made it hard for them to remember any but “Four legs good two legs bad”
What does Squealer say will happen when some of the animals complain that the pigs get all the milk and apples? They have to them for their own health and they have to stay healthy to watch over the other animals
What do the neighboring farmers secretly wonder as they listen to Mr. Jones’s complaints? If they could turn his misfortune into their own advantage
What do Snowball and Napoleon do to spread the news of what happened on Animal Farm? They send out pigeons
When Jones and his men attack Animal Farm, Who joins them? Some from Foxwood and Pinchfield
From what book did Snowball get the idea of how to plan the defense of Animal Farm? An old book of Julius Caesar’s Campaigns
What happens to Snowball when Jones sees him coming? Jones fires, grazes Snowball and kills a sheep
Why is Boxer upset right after the battle? He accidentally killed a boy because of his iron hoofs
Which animals receive medals for their work in the Battle of the Cowshed? Snowball and Boxer, and the Dead sheep
Why do you think Napoleon is not mentioned by name during the Battle of the Cowshed? He was not there
What do the pigeons report they see Mollie doing after she leaves Animal Farm? She was with a man who treated her nicely
When Snowball selects a site for the windmill, what improvements does he claim the structure will bring to the farm? Electricity, heat for the barn in the winter, run various machines
What means does Napoleon use to chase Snowball off the farm? He used the dogs
After Snowball is gone, the terrified animals are dismayed to hear Napoleon announced a new method of making decisions for the farm. What is it? He would create a special committee of Pigs who would make all he decisions
On the third Sunday after Snowballs expulsion, who claims to have originated the windmill? Napoleon
What problem do the animals have to solve before they can build the windmill? They need a way to break up the stone
After Napoleon’s takeover, what new saying does Boxer adopt? “Napoleon is always right”
In order to obtain certain necessary materials, what new policy does Napoleon announce? The animals can now engage in trade
Who is Mr. Whymper and why has Napoleon hire him? He was to communicate to the outside world
What reasons does Squealer give for the pigs’ move into the farmhouse? They need a quiet place to work
What change is made to the Fourth Commandment after the pigs move into the farmhouse? They added “with sheets”
When the windmill collapses, whom does Napoleon blame? Snowball
What steps does Napoleon take to make the neighbors think there is not food shortage on Animal Farm? He fill bins full of sand and puts grain on top
What does Squealer announce that Napoleon plans to do with the hens’ eggs? Sell them
When the hens rebel, how does Napoleon stop them? He stops giving them rations
What, according to Squealer, is Napoleon’s final “categorically” stated accusation against Snowball? He had been Jones’s agent from the very beginning
What does do to the dogs with they attack him? He puts them down
What do the 4 pigs admit at the assembly where the animals are told to confess their crimes? That they had contact with Snowball
What happens to all the animals who confess to crimes at the assembly? They are slaughtered
Who does Snowball represent? Leon Trotsky
Who does Napoleon represent? Joseph Stalin
What does the windmill symbolize? industralization
Who does Mollie represent? Upper Classmen
How is the 6th commandment changed? They added “without cause”
What does Napoleon have inscribed on the wall of the big barn? A poem about how great he is
What does Fredrick use to pay Napoleon for the pile of timber? 12 pounds
What do Fredrick and his men do to destroy the windmill? they blow it up
What have the animals won after the Battle of the Windmill? Their land back
What does Boxer say is his one remaining ambition before his retirement? To see the windmill done
When the rations are reduced, who explains to the other animals that they are not really short of food? Squealer
According to Napoleon, what is the object of the newly required Spontaneous Demonstration? To celebrate the struggles and triumphs of animal farm
Who reappears on the farm in the summer after a long absence and proceeds to talk by anyone who would listen? Moses
What is written on the van that takes Boxer away? “Alfred simmonds, Horse slaughterer and Glue Boiler, Willingdon”
When the animals demand an explanation for what is written on the van, what does Squealer say? The van was previously owned by the knackers
What gave the animals of Animal farm their sense of privilege and honor and kept them filled with hope? They they are member s of Animal Farm
What are the words of the new song that Squealer taught the sheep? “Four legs good, two legs better”
What is the shocking sight that Clover sees that causes her to neigh in terror? The pigs are walking on 2 legs
What is the only one commandment printed on the barn wall? All animals are equalBut some animals are more equal than others
Whom do the pigs incite to make a tour of inspection of the farm? Neighboring Farmers
What is the pigs’ only wish? To live at peace
Who does Old Major represent? Karl Marx
Squealer=? propaganda
Boxer=? The working class (farmers)
Benjamin=? The bystanders who did nothing
Mr.Jones=? Czar Nicholas the 2nd
Clove=? female version of Boxer
Muriel=? intelligence (didn’t contribute)
Moses=? Religion
Mr. Whymper=? trade between countries
Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Pilkington other countries

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