animal farm chapter 2 reading check

1. What happens to old major? he dies in his sleep in the spring, March
2. Who are Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer three pigs who assume control of Manor Farm after Old Major dies, formulate the principles of animalism and teach the other animals, they answer the other animals questions about the upcoming rebellion
what are the qualities of Napoleon preeminent among the pigs, the cleverest of the animals, not much of a talker, but gets his own way.
what are the qualities of snowball preeminent among the pigs, the cleverest of the animals, more vivacious, quicker in speech, more inventive than napoleon
what are the qualities of squealer round cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements, shrill voice, brilliant talker, stepped side to side when arguing a point and whisked tail, persuasive speaker, bullied other animals
what are the problems that the pigs have to face in organizing the farm animals met with stupidity and apathy, met with the animals talk of duty and loyalty to mr.jones, met with the questions “why should we care what happens after we are dead”
3. what is the final event that caused the rebellion mr.jones became drunk, went on a binge, forgot to feed the animals and let the farm workers become lazy which caused the animals to break into the store shed and begin to eat
5. what is the immediate result of the of the rebellion the animals chase the humans from the farm, the animals destroy the remaining evidence of their subservience: chains, bits, halters, whips, and other implement, the animals enjoy a double ration of corn and sing “Beasts of England”
4. what is one of the seven commandments 1.whatever goes upon two legs s an enemy2.whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a animal shall wear animal shall sleep in a animal shall drink alcohol6. no animal shall kill any other animal7.all animals are equal
what does orwell indicate that not all the animals think alike when napoleon tells the animals to tend to the harvest and leave the milk to late, they come back and the milk is gone
6. what is sugar candy mountain a place where the animas will go when they die
why is jones unhappy he just lost a lawsuit and he goes to the red lion inn in Willingdon to drink
what is the first thing the animals do after winning the rebellion they raced around the perimeter of the farm to make sure there are no more humans
what was mollie doing and where was she she did not really participate in the rebellion; she was in mrs.jones bedroom looking at herself in the mirror with blue ribbons
what time of year did old major die three nights after the meeting
who was the cleverest of the animals the pigs
what two pigs were emerging as leaders napoleon- large, rather looking berkshire boar, snowball-vivacious
what name did they give to old major teachings animalism
what mysterious place did moses speak of sugar candy mountain
what was mr.jones favorite “watering hole” red lion
what animal committed the first rebellious act and what did they do the cow hit his horns against the door
what had the pigs taught themselves to do to milk the cows and read and write
7. what is the name of the farm manor farm
what is animalism and who are the leaders they are superior to people and that people are the enemy. napoleon, snowball, and squealer
how has mr.jones has been acting lately he was cutting down on food, and drinking a lot
what are the events surrounding the rebellion the men whipped the animal sand so the animals rode hem off animal farm
what did the animals do after they overtook the farm. what did they do first made sure no other humans were on the farm, they destroyed the items in the harnest room
why did the other disapprove mollies action after mr.jones left she was sad, find a piece of ribbon to remind her of mr.jones the other did not like this because of mr.jones
8. why did the animals feel like they needed the “seven commandments” to be treated equally, to distance themselves from humans

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