Animal Farm Chapter 10

What changes have the years brought to the farm? Animals have be bought to replace most of the dead ones. The windmill has been fixed but is not being used to gain energy for all the animals. Its now being used to mill corn to make money for the pigs. Most of the animals that were alive during the rebellion are now dead.
How does Orwell make fun of bureaucracy? The pigs begin to spend hourse typeing up reports and memos. They are then burned in the furnace. The pigs and dogs don’t accomplish anything from writing the paper work but still have their great big appetite.
How do the animals now feel about their social order, their farm? All the animals, including the new ones, are happy to be apart of the only farm family in England. They are all happy that at least at the farm there are no people walking on two legs.
What drastic actions do the pigs use to shatter the animals’ complacency? The pigs begin to wear the Jones clothing and Nepoleon carries a whip with him now. The pigs begin to walk on two legs and the sheep have been taught a new motto “Four legs good, two legs better.”
All seven commandments are erased. What is the new commandment and how has it been true from the beginning? “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.” Since the beginning this commandment has been true to all of them. When the pigs taught themselves how to read and write and when Nepoleon began drinking milk.
At the conference with neighboring farmers, what new changes does Napoleon point out? Nepoleon points out the new changes around the farm. He points out how the pigs kind of own the farm in their own way now. And the name of the farm is now changed back to “The Manor Farm.” All the traces of rebellion have been erased.
What happens to the pigs’ appearance? As the animals are watching the pig start to resemble the humans. The animals can finally see thier true situation. There is now no difference between them but it’s to late to do anything.

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